First caught in the unconscious, modified by the conscious, ‘Translations...’ is a product of a human brain.  Nothing is brought through and written here that does not have the influence and creativity of the inner mind, nor is unaffected by the workings and experiences of the outer brain.
Translations of the Discussions with “The WE”
I wish to be in contact with those whom I have communicated with before, with “The WE.”   Am I in contact?
You are dear one.  It is good to be talking to you again.
Thank You.
As you know, I have begun this new translation because I have become aware that some people think "The WE" is a cult.
By cult I mean all of the following.
A religion or religious sect — meaning that which has a formal means of expressing religious reverence; religious ceremony and ritual.
That which has a claim by its originator to have exclusive or exceptional power.
That which is an exclusive group of persons sharing an interest.
Those who are followers of a religious belief.
Those who follow anyone, be it charismatic, authoritarian, or indeed anyone who acts as a leader.
I wish to say that "The WE," the version on this planet, is none of these.
My understanding of "The WE" is the inclusive all.
My preemptive statement is as mentioned in the book "Translations….  Chapter 11 The Higher Self.
If Kewe has a message (the only fact of truth he has, everything else being merely opinion) it's that, because the dichotomy of life here is plenary, there is no priest, no church, no religion, no person or organization on this planet, or on any planet, system, region, inner plane, with the answer.  That, which you discover and create for yourself, is the learning.
(This previous paragraph is Kewe's only truth to anyone, no other.)
I hope this makes clear that "The WE" should never become a religion, should never become anything other than it is — (id est.) that is: everything.
There should never be any membership.
There should never be any dues paid.
There should never be any notion of a collection of people who are of "The WE."   That idea is completely antithetical to "The WE."
As far as we humans are concerned, or indeed any speck of intelligence in the known Universe is concerned, "The WE" is all.
That there is also more is also true.
But perhaps I should submit now in humility for your understanding of this, dear WE.
Dear One, we think of the work you have been doing this past year with regard to Iraq and Palestine and we smile.
You certainly have no lack of opinion with regard to these matters.  It would seem that your belief in what is right and true shines forth in these pages.   Would you like to comment upon this?
Dear WE, I can only say that the opinions I have expressed, the work I have done on these topics come from my heart.    Truth has to be told that I do not know if what I say is the best for these peoples.   If war is more right.   If might in certain situations is right.
No, that is not true.
I have to affirm that I do not believe that might is right.
I believe that there were a thousand ways we could have resolved the situation in Iraq, the first being to supply the people who were lacking in medical supplies the resources they needed.
I constantly go over in my head the situation of the Second World War, and examine that in reference to the current situation, both in Iraq and Palestine.
Much has been made of the statements of the US President with regard to this.
Little I believe has similarity, unless you compare the might of the US and UK to the might of Germany and Japan, and the ugly force displayed by each.
Whether a continuation of Saddam would have brought about a development of nuclear or other terrorist weapons I do not know.
Whether the US and the UK doing what it has done will bring about a stabilization of the world I do not know.   I doubt it.
The only positive result I can see is that the revulsion of these past years will turn us to searching for something better.
I hope that is the result.
If the death torment and injury of so many that has taken place compensates for this, then this is a world that I do not wish to hold as any kind of lesson.
But what is right and what is not right, is not what I believe you wish me to discuss here.
We all have hopes and wishes and most, like myself, find the life we would wish to find ourselves progressing amongst is not here.
I discovered early that those wishes could and would be taken away very easily.
And I discovered that how these wishes were taken away could lead to them being taken away by a spiritual force.
That at a certain level, the blame attached was at a higher level than ordinary human activity.
Collectively, it is likely we could have changed, deflected our path, even given this, to something more promising, but collectively we did not have the maturity.
So we have the situations we face in our lives.
So we have the teachings that we, that many have learned and decide to keep.
So we are faced always with the overall learning that within the concept of lives, our development is both Soul and human.
If we believe in Spirit.
And, if we extend that, the realization that we are in the eternal present, and that which we change in our present time, is our framing of understanding for the future.
If this idea is pursued than it speaks of a constantly changing frame of reference all being mixed into an ever-evolving soup.
Here, within this soup, I accept my reason for having my beliefs fit.
Here, within this soup I throw out my reason for giving this commentary.
There is better.
If I can find it, so can others.
I have to leave it at that.
That we learn. And that others have learnt before. That what we learn now has been learnt millions upon unlimited times before, and that we are just ourselves moving forward into this other learning state, into some would say a Buddha state.
That this is a state of learning, nothing more, and that our state always has been eternity, always will be, and always is.
And at least, for the present, to accept these notions: the idea of constant evolvement and change, and the notion of unlimited eternity.
I do believe this is true.  It is just that there is no logic from our present viewpoint.
Dear One, it is therefore your belief that humankind, both in its collective wills and its individual beliefs, has to pursue its individual goals?
I do.
And you wish to speak of Scientology and Falun, and Billy Graham and Jim Jones and his founding of the People's Temple and Jonestown.
Yes, because I think some who approach this notion of  "The WE,"  fear it might be a cult.
And these teachings mentioned are considered cults by many.  
They have founders who are now considered God-like (and their teachings from God).
They have present day leaders (within the group) becoming God-like (if only in the belief held by their followers of them able to speak 'Ex Cathedra', from the chair, the theological term which signifies authoritative teaching.)
They have present day leaders having already attained God-like status, always with a more distant God in the background of course.
And you wish to speak of the teachings these and many others similar propound.
Yes, I do.
The teachings of these leaders and their offspring groupings are based upon the knowledge each of these founders have learned and in the learning have considered imparting to the world.
That they are given help from inner levels is not important in the sense of these teachings being correct, or 'right.' Inner levels have their own branchings of teachings, and desires, and gatherings of souls.  
Many, if not most, are not desirable to me, and are not paths that I would wish to pass through.
And you wish to speak of the offspring leaders and groupings that continue to develop.
Yes, I would say that all teachings hold both true and false (if such a notion can be in the many worlds and states of existence.)   Because such is the condition of dichotomy that flows through our present states of learning.
And about further knowledge and teaching and interpretation?  
Yes.   It is all based upon translation and interpretation of the brain from inner mind, and higher states of input.
So, you would agree that people should not follow your teaching.
I would.
Where does this leave "The WE?"
Where it has always been.
It is a concept.   A notion.
That is all.
Not a cult?
Not a cult.
Thank you Dear One.
We look forward to communicating with you again.
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