Unspeakable grief and horror
Know them by their fruit
words attributed to Jesus speaking in Aramaic
Back to the Future...
January 27, 2007
Layla Anwar
Painting: Iraq Artist, M.Muhrradin.
A brief summary report on "Operation American Freedom and the Liberation of America."
Following 13 years of a cruel stringent embargo that left 1.5 million americans dead of which 500,000 american children below the age of 5, the Iraqi army, with their imposing armada bombarded the U.S with over 700 tons of B.52's.
Iraqi armored vehicles, 150,000 Iraqi soldiers and 100,000 subcontractors and mercenaries (from the Arab world and Africa) have taken hold of Washington DC and other parts of the country.
The Iraqi soldiers toppled the Washington Monument, ransacked and pillaged the National Gallery of Art, the National Portrait Gallery as well the great Smithsonian institute and museum.
The White House, the Pentagon and the CIA have also been targeted and now encircled.
Hundreds of Iraqi generals with their troops have squatted the headquarters of the American Government.
The White House, looted, has now become an enclave of the Iraqi occupying forces and has been renamed the White Zone.
The President of the U.S.A as well as his 20 advisors have been caught and are now prisonners of war in a Fort Lauderdale secret prison, camp Babel.
1 million mexicans came in buses
A puppet american government was set up by the Iraqi occupying forces.
They set up elections and eyewitnesses report that over 1 million mexicans came in buses and voted the new government in.
Reliable sources affirm that the current American government is mainly comprised of mexican americans with dual nationalities and totally backed by Mexico.
The American army has been totally sacked and replaced by a grouping of mexican/american police, army and militias working in close cooperation with the Iraqi occupying forces.
The Iraqi Provisional Authority in conjunction with the american puppet government are undertaking a massive campaign of "de-waspization" and "de-americanization" of the whole of the U.S.A.
Hideous crimes committed by Iraqi soldiers
Upper state New York, Buffalo and other towns have declared their independence and are being armed and trained by Canada as mercenaries and snipers.
Atrocious news have been circulating of hideous crimes committed by the Iraqi soldiers:
In Bethesda, over 12 pregnant women were killed as well as a 15 years old boy who spat on a passing Iraqi convoy. His mother's head was bashed against a wall and her boy shot in front of her eyes.
In Lexington Park , 3 neighborhoods have been razed to the ground. Over 500 defenseless civilians, majority of which were women and children have been shot in cold blood and some Iraqi soldiers were filmed pissing on the dead corpses.
In Richmond square, hundreds of bodies are strewn across the square and littering the side streets, showing signs of serious burns from napalm, phosphorus bombs and gun shots.
Gang raped
In Rockville, five Iraqi soldiers from the 32nd platoon division, gang raped 14 years old Abee Jones, shot her whole family including her 3 years old sister and grandparents then set her on fire.
They were seen drinking Arak and grilling kebabs prior to their crime.
In Georgetown, over 500 american academics have been kidnaped and shot dead by Mexican backed militias and 100 students were blown to pieces in front of George Washington University.
Body parts and books were seen lying in the debris.
Detention camps
Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the UN have reported the existence of hundreds of detention camps and prisons and the estimated official number of American prisoners is 50,000 men and women some as young as 13 years old, held without charges or trial.
These agencies have also reported gross violations of the Geneva conventions and have presented evidence of severe torture, including sodomy , rape and genital mutilation.
The Iraqi Minister of Defence denies these allegations. Most torture victims have succumbed to death.
700,000 american civilians since invasion
The French Institute of Medicine issued a report confirming the death of over 700,000 american civilians since the Iraqi invasion.
The UN has issued a report in December stating that for the year 2006 only, 35,000 americans have died as a result of the Iraqi occupation.
2 million american children orphaned
The number for widows is also staggering, over 1 million american widows and 2 million american children orphaned.
The report also adds that american children are trafficked, sold as sex slaves or labourers in other countries.
Public facilities and amenities are no longer existent.
The average American citizen gets one hour of electricity per day and for the past week there has been no water supply.
Transportation systems have been halted, universities and schools shut down, the sewage system no longer functions and most American streets are inundated with rats and dirty water.
Hospitals no longer functional
"Medecins sans frontiers" a french based NGO, has reported severe cases of malnutrition, water born diseases and outbreaks of cholera and typhoid due to the insalubrity of present living conditions for Americans.
Hospitals are no longer functional and can no longer cope with the influx of injured and maimed Americans.
The Morgues are overflowing with dead bodies.
Cancer from depleted uranium
Children suffering from cancer caused by Iraqi depleted uranium can no longer receive treatment and the prognosis for them is very poor.
Other illnesses are no longer treated short of medication and staff as, most doctors and nurses have left the country.
Surgery is done without anesthesia and medical doctors are subject to harassment, kidnaping, torture and death.
The general American population is suffering great trauma,PTSD and doctors have declined to treat patients from 9/11, arguing that there are more urgent priorities.
The UN has launched an urgent plea as 3.7 million americans have sought refuge in Canada, Alaska, Mexico and other countries as a consequence of the Iraqi occupation.
The UNESCO on the other hand has decried some of the Iraqi army practices.
Urinating in churches
Many Iraqi soldiers have been found desecrating worship places by ransacking them, painting Islamic symbols, tearing, kicking, and burning the Bible and urinating in churches.
American Monuments and historical sites have also been destroyed.
Unemployment, inflation
On the economic front, over 60% of the American population is now unemployed, inflation rate is 100% and most outlets, like Starbucks, Mc Donalds and the rest have closed down due to lack of clientele.
Shopping malls are empty and retailers have shut down.
There is an economic depression but the Iraqi Provisional Authority as well as the american puppet government are re-assuring the american public that things will look brighter soon.
Monopolized oil resources
Russian and Chinese corporations and multinationals have monopolized all the oil resources in Texas and the American puppet government has issued a law privatizing all american energy.
Furthermore, Dallas and Houston have become a mexican enclave.
Only Spanish is allowed to be spoken there and all government and public posts are occupied by Mexicans.
Mexicans infiltrated all echelons of governing administration
On the political front, mexicans have managed to infiltrate all echelons of the governing administration included all armed forces : the american army, the american FBI and ministries and they have developed, funded and trained militias that are wrecking havoc in the streets of the American capital.
Countless american citizens have been abducted, kidnaped, raped, and slaughtered.
Dead bodies are seen lying around the city showing marked signs of torture, like eyes and nails plucked out and holes from electrical drills.
The american puppet government denies any role in all of this.
Black americans are fighting with Asians, ethnic cleansing against Protestants
Furthermore, civil war is looming close by.
Catholics backed by Mexicans have waged an unrentless campaign of ethnic cleansing against Protestants.
Black americans are fighting with Asians and Italians with Poles.
Car bombs, mortar attacks, snipers
Car bombs, mortar attacks and snipers are a daily occurrence today in Washington D.C, Maryland and Virginia as well as other parts of the U.S.
Native Americans on the other hand are caught in this ethnic cleansing and are being either massacred again or forced to seek refuge elsewhere.
As Canada and Alaska is refusing them entry, they have ended up in tents on the borders in a no man's land.
President of USA hanged
Four weeks ago, on Christmas eve, the president of the USA as well as three of his advisors were hanged in what appeared to be a sectarian lynching.
The Iraqi President expressed dissapointment at the way the execution was done, he added it was "fumbled" but was glad that justice finally prevailed.
Reuters reported that 5 of the late American President's lawyers have been slaughtered during the Trial period.
The President of the USA was filmed hanging at the gallows on Christmas eve and his body showed signs of post mortem torture.
Americans should show gratitude
The Iraqi President concluded by saying that americans should really show gratitude for what Iraqis have sacrificed in their name and in the name of Freedom.
He also assured the american public in a televised address to the nation, that a surge of an extra 20'000 Iraqis was needed for the reconstruction of the U.S.A to go as planned and that the mission has been accomplished.
P.S: Everything mentioned above took place and continues to take place today in Iraq.
And I hope you realize that I have nothing against either Mexicans, protestants or catholics, Italians, poles, blacks, Native Americans or Martians...It was just to drive a point home (...this politically correct thing is getting very tiresome — ask the Iraqis!)
The shocking truth and "awe" of the American occupation of Iraq — www.uruknet.info and www.albasrah.net
Layla Anwar's blog for other parts of Iraq's US invasion history
Painting   ©    Iraqi Artist   M.Muhrradin.
US Microwave weapons
The Alex Jones Show — Genesis Communications Network
…from memory it was a top air force general that said there was complaints by international bodies in the UN and others about our use of the new ray gun that burns people's skin when it's at a focus beam and just causes people pain on a wide beam.
They said we are just going to test it on the American people and if we can legitimise its use here, then they can't complain over there.
It's back in the news because they are approving its use…here it is: US military unveils heat gun.   Safety fears as U.S. demonstrates control heat-ray weapon…
Military chief says test weapons on Americans before using them on enemies.  This was picked up by the Associated Press.  This came out in October of last year. [2006]
It was the Secretary of the Air force said:  We should use this weapon on the American people and then they could claim under international law that it was simply a 'law enforcement tool' (sic)
FEMA camp run by Bechtel and George Schultz
…I mean this thing even violates the laws of war.  This violates the Geneva Convention.   This is designed coast-to-coast every American city has gotten mobile units of ear-busting sound cannons.  We showed you that in New York for the RNC in 2004.
They put over 2 thousand citizens in a FEMA camp run by Bechtel and George Schultz.
Well forget the sound cannons.  They are nothing compared to these microwave guns.  They can focus them in to where it actually burns your skin.
Microwave weapon
It's a microwave weapon.
Or they can put them on wide spectrum burst and it creates a feeling where it has been described as when you touch a white bulb, but it's all over your body…burning heat.
…Notice: once we are already in the North American Union officially they tell you it might be coming.   Okay.  The old-timers were right.  There is a plan for a North American Union and then we are already in it.  But people are just hearing about it…might be coming.
Oh!  It's a prototype…we're talking New York, Detroit, LA, Dallas they've got these things in warehouses.  They've got units trained.
…Oh!  Boston Globe headline: They may start recruiting foreigners.  First paragraph it says:  Well they've already been doing it for the last five years but now they intensify it and open even more recruiting stations in Manila and Mexico City.
It's always the same MO.  It's propaganda.
"The prototype weapon was demonstrated at Moody Air force Base in Georgia.  A beam was fired from a large rectangular dish mounted on a Humvee vehicle.  The beam reaches up to 500 meters, 550 yards, much farther than existing non-lethal weapons like rubber bullets.  It can penetrate clothes suddenly heating up the skin of anyone in its path to 50 Celsius."
Fries skin
That fries your skin boys and girls.
50 Celsius…that is…that is…that is…really hot.
That's stove top.
"But it penetrates the skin only a 'tiny' depth enough to cause discomfort but not a lasting harm according to the military."
We just read you four of five years ago what the actual company said it does.   You turn this…it's got wide beam and focus beam…Wide beam just causes incredible pain.
High beam destructive
High beam is very destructive.
…the experts who are criticizing it says that if it hits the eye it can cause serious…your eye's very delicate mucous membrane…and you know it'll hit you in the face…and…it…it'll burn your eyes.
But so what…I mean up in Boston they got young 21-year-old college student for walking out of a bar.  They shoot her with bullets…nobody gets into trouble…she bleeds out of her eye to death; nobody gets into trouble, that's how it works.
It looks like a table top stuck on a Humvee but the US military…to demonstrate a new weapon, a controversial heat ray — it's a microwave gun by the way — and……called 'Silent Guardian' okay.
"Military chief says test weapons on Americans before using them on enemies…."
Used for 'crowd control'
Secretary Wayne told reports at the Houston Chronicle in September that a 'non lethal' weapon such as a high powered microwave device should be used on American citizens in 'crowd control' situations before they are used on a battlefield.
…writing letters to Wayne's removal…hey let me tell you something…and I think you should still write letters and make calls, but when you do Congress just hires more Federal funds for more paramilitary forces, more microwave guns, more riot troops, more FEMA camps.
No record, voting machines
Oh!  They've gotten the message!
They know 97% don't want toll roads on existing roads.  They know 99% don't want a North American Union.  They know 95% don't want these electronic, no record, voting machines.
They know 91% in Gallop polls don't want open borders.  They work for foreign banks and so they know you are going to revolt.
So they are deploying the microwave guns.
And the only reason they are now announcing this, like it's some brand new thing is because they've got to get you ready for it, to accept it, so that when they take your pensions, and blow out the economy and plunge the dollar down to nothing, so when you are there freaking out in the streets they can have their ' dumbed-down ' goons come out and microwave gun you in the street.
They will KILL YOU
And by the way, the reports I've got are they have hand held microwave guns that will KILL YOU.
And I can't say any more about that because it's classified sources.
They've got sound guns that will BUST YOUR ORGANS WIDE OPEN.
They've got stuff that you can wave across the crowd that's hand held that will KILL YOU.
They've got hand-held microwave guns.  They've got hand-held particle beams that will hit you and you will BURST OPEN like a tomato thrown against a wall.
Jane's weapons quarterly reports on some of this.  I've got Marines on tape and urban warriors slipping up and talking about it.  We first reported it seven years ago, now it's been in a few papers.  They do have combat…basically an Osprey or a helicopter lands.  It drops off a few of these.  And it looks like…about the size of a suburban but it's got treads…weapons…gas…non-lethal gas…
They're made to drive up and ram into your house.
Sends out tentacles
They they've got big hoses that have got little wheels, 360 around the hose…that way the little wheels…it sends out tentacles folks…just rolls over and it's got wheels on every size, spinning.
And that thing just rushes into your house with a camera on it.
And that operator in there just hits the nerve gas.
Everybody's dead
Whoosh!  Everybody's dead inside okay.
That's what they've got ready for us.
This is what the scum has done.
By 2011 half of the air force fighter fleet will be robotic.
And controlled by technicians thousands or hundreds of miles away.
And this allows small criminal elites to run more remote controlled attacks like 9/11.
It allows them to do things that the troops wouldn't follow the orders.
Plus they are going to have large contingents, and already do, of our mainland military force, that are foreigner, that will be lead by loyal 'black [budget] ' operators that have been trained to accept this.
We're in trouble.
I'm telling you.
We're going to face our remote controlled tanks.  Our remote controlled robots.
We're going to face remote controlled microwave guns.
We're going to face foreign troops led by traitor US troops.
Now everything else we've told you is coming, has come.
And I'm telling you folks.  I'm telling you.
They're not playing games.
Our Mercenaries in Iraq: Blackwater Inc and Bush's Undeclared Surge — Click Here
On Tuesday, five employees of the private security firm Blackwater USA were killed in a violent Baghdad neighborhood. Hours later, President Bush used his State of the Union address to call on what some are calling an undeclared surge of private mercenaries in Iraq.
We speak with Jeremy Scahill, author of the forthcoming “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.”
Index Research
by Sarah Meyer
There are children standing here,
Arms outstretched into the sky,
Tears drying on their face.
He has been here.
Brothers lie in shallow graves.
Fathers lost without a trace.
A nation blind to their disgrace,
Since he's been here.
Read the story here.
And I see no bravery,
No bravery in your eyes anymore.
Only sadness.
Fallujah Siege November 2005: Photo Reuters
Houses burnt beyond repair.
The smell of death is in the air.
A woman weeping in despair says,
He has been here.
Tracer lighting up the sky.
It's another families' turn to die.
A child afraid to even cry out says,
He has been here.
And I see no bravery,
No bravery in your eyes anymore.
Only sadness.
Askariya Shrine in Samarra
Read the stories here and here
There are children standing here,
Arms outstretched into the sky,
But no one asks the question why,
He has been here.
Old men kneel and accept their fate.
Wives and daughters cut and raped.
A generation drenched in hate.
Yes, he has been here.
Photo: Anti-war.com
UN says 34,452 Iraqis killed in 2006
17.01.07. Stuff.co.nz.
see also UN Report on Iraqi Deaths for 2006 [pdf]
Iraqi Dead May Total 600,000, Study Says
(Johns Hopkins Study October 2006)
Photo AFP / Qassem Zein
Photo: AP
And I see no bravery,
No bravery in your eyes anymore.
Only sadness.
Video. No Bravery.
James Blunt
I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude, and I believe most Iraqis express that.   I mean, the people understand that we’ve endured great sacrifice to help them.   That’s the problem here in America.   They wonder whether or not there is a gratitude level that’s significant enough in Iraq."   George Bush
Photo AP/ Mohammed Uraibi

Iraq: The Assassination of Academics : The Jalili Report
15.1.6. S. Meyer, Index Research
Baghdad sewage
Baghdad: sewage system collapses
16.1.7.Irin / uruknet
Iraq: The Women's Story
Video, Zeena Ahmed, Dispatches
Iraq refugee crisis exploding
15.01.06. C. Lockhead, uruknet/SanFrancisco Chronicle
Photo Channel 4 / Guardian films
Blood and Oil: How the West will Profit from Iraq's most precious commodity
07.01.07. Independent.
Video. Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers. Greenwald, 1r. 15 min.
Video. Exposed: The Carlyle Group. 54 min.
Video. Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers. Greenwald, 1r. 15 min.

Photo: http://kurtnimmo.com/
Kissinger Teams Up with the Neocons
Saturday January 20th 2007
Heinz Kissinger, the Butcher of Cambodia, who essentially signed the death warrants for thousands of Chileans, Indonesians, and micromanaged the slaughter of countless Vietnamese while nodding and winking in Pol Pot’s direction, has bestowed his venomous grace on Bush and the neocons.
Leaving not possible
“Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, an iconic conservative who continues to command the attention of the White House, praises President Bush’s moves in Iraq and says that leaving the war-torn nation is not possible under present conditions,” writes Mike Sheehan for Raw Story.
head injured
US and UK
bombing of Iraq
In an International Herald Tribune op-ed, the elder Malthusian—it rings more true than “elder statesman’—praises Bush’s “bold decision to order a ’surge’ of some 20,000 American troops for Iraq,” thus providing all the evidence we need that neocons and traditional neolibs are on the same page when it comes to killing Arabs and Muslims.
If Kissinger is an “iconic conservative,” then Shinichiro Watanabe’s anime character Cowboy Bebop is a real bounty hunter.
Criminal collaborator with David Rockefeller
More accurately, he is a traditional neolib and criminal collaborator with David Rockefeller, comfortable hanging with the likes of the late Prince Bernhard from the Netherlands, a card-carrying Nazi and member of the SS, Prince Philip, who in his wildest Malthusian dreams wanted to come back as a virus and kill off millions.
Add various members of Bilderberg.
The Council on Foreign Relations.
US and UK
of Iraq
Planet into a gulag and slave plantation
The Pilgrims Society.
The Trilateral Commission.
The infamous British Round Table.
Folks who have worked unceasingly over the decades for a global order.
That is to say they want to turn the planet into a gulag and slave plantation.
Assault on international order
“Kissinger asserts that the Iraq war is part of a larger conflict, namely ‘the assault on the international order conducted by radical groups in both Islamic sects,’ particularly against the United States.
He insists that despite public disenchantment with the war in Iraq, ‘under present conditions, withdrawal is not an option,’” Sheehan continues. “He calls America ‘the indispensable component of any attempt to build a new world order.’”
There’s that phrase again—one that will get you pegged as a conspiracy nut in mixed company—the “new world order.”
Family destitute
US and UK
bombing of Iraq
Global elite
Naturally, for Kissinger and the global elite, America is “the indispensable component of any attempt to build a new world order,” or rather the “dumb, stupid animals” of the American military are “indispensable” components, more accurately expendable components (according to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, Kissinger made the “stupid animals” remark to Alexander Haig).
Kissinger, like the neocons, has no regard for the American people, that is beyond their utility as bullet-stoppers and cash cows, thus he has no concern for the fact an overwhelming number of Americans oppose the occupation of Iraq.
Made-in-the-USA terrorism
Kissinger’s remark about “the international order conducted by radical groups in both Islamic sects,” in other words Islam writ large, is evidence the neocons and neolibs are on the same page when it comes to utilizing made-in-the-USA terrorism.
To not only deconstruct Islamic societies, but push forward the neoliberal plan to hold a global fire sale, otherwise know as “free trade” and “privatization” conducted at gunpoint.
Families run in terror
US and UK bombing of Iraq
Murder of hundreds of thousands
Finally, as an indication Kissinger and the neocons support this criminal deconstruction:
Including the murder of hundreds of thousands of people.
Consider Kissinger’s declaration that the United States “must not involve itself in the sectarian conflict for any extended period.”
Miserable process blossoms
As this miserable process, long planned by the neocons and their Israeli collaborators, must be allowed to blossom in full.
Thus “leveling the playing field” for the neolibs, who will rush in to pick up the pieces.
That is to say capture all of worth, namely huge reserves of oil and other precious and profitable natural resources.
NATO's silent toxic air-spraying planes
Weather Warfare
Full Spectrum Dominance
Elana Freeland on Buzzsaw with Sean Stone
Download audio mp3 from kewe.info server      right click here
Chemtrails HAARP and the full spectrum dominance of planet earth.

Image: internet
Climate engineering weather warfare collapse of civilization

Image: internet
“I had a Sunday dinner a few weeks ago at the house of my dad’s and stepmom’s neighbors.
The man and woman of the house are in their 60’s and both proud liberals.
The man said he was a ‘Berkley liberal.’ He supports Hillary, she supports Bernie Sanders.
Towards the end of the dinner he expressed the opinion that a few nuke bombs on some of the major cities in Iraq would be a good idea.
Previous to that, he defended the dropping of nuke bombs on Japan.
The guy’s wife, the Bernie supporter, added something about the barbarous tribal nature of Iraqi society.
She quoted Deepak Chopra on the [evil] nature of Mohamed.
Their son is a fighter pilot who is thinking about joining the top gun program.
He is gay but is too scared to come out to his work colleagues.”
Bi-Polar Disorder: Obama’s Bait-and-Switch Environmental Politics — click here
P.S. from Kewe to the above article written by Paul Street.
I accept the sun is a much greater factor in global weather than human-made activity.
That it is possible climate change will become a bigger problem but also more probable the sun is presently taking us into a mini-cold period.
That the increase in human-made carbon dioxide combined in the stratosphere with other Earth-releasing-of-warmth blocking chemicals is causing a wave of new tree/plant growth in areas not seen for many millennium.
That seeding of the clouds being done by NATO with its toxic compounds is completely destructive to the soil, seas and inland waters beneath, and many vulnerable humans and varied life, and that the politicians responsible for this NATO destructive activity should be held accountable for such as being enemies of Earth's eco-structure and livability.
From the video 'Holes in Heaven' — Brooks Agnew, Earth Tornographer
In 1983 I did radio tornography with 30 watts looking for oil in the ground.
I found 26 oil wells over a nine state area.
100 hundred percent of the time was accurate, which is just 30 watts of power beaming straight into solid rock.
HAARP uses a billion watts beamed straight into the ionosphere for experiments.
Picture these strings on the piano as layers of the Earth, each one has its own frequency.
What we used to do is beam radio waves into the ground and it would vibrate any 'strings' that were present in the ground.
We might get a sound back like ___ and we would say, that's natural gas.
We might get a sound back like ____ and we'd say that's crude oil.
We were able to identify each frequency.
We accomplished this with just 30 watts of radio power.
If you do this with a billion watts the vibrations are so violent that the entire piano would shake.
In fact the whole house would shake.
In fact the vibrations could be so severe under ground they could even cause an earthquake.
Download or watch movie on HAARP — Advanced US Military research weapon on behaviour modification
weather change, ionesphere manipulation — click here
Download or watch audio of Dr. Nick Begich talking on HAARP
— The 2006 update to 'Angels Don't Play This HAARP'.
'Angels Still Don't Play This HAARP: Advances In Tesla Technology'.
Planet Earth Weapon by Rosalie Bertell
ozone, HAARP, chemtrails, space war — click here
What HAARP Is.. And Everything Its Used For
Full HAARP Documentary — click here
Angels Dont Play This HAARP weather manipulation
1 hour 36 minutes video — click here
(poor quality to watch but well worth listening)
Dr. Nick Begich, his book and his articles can be found here
Article on Chemtrails — unusual cloud formations in the US.
The battle to save Iraq's children
Doctors issue plea to Tony Blair to end the scandal of medical shortages in the war zone
By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor
Published: 19 January 2007

The desperate plight of children who are dying in Iraqi hospitals for the lack of simple equipment that in some cases can cost as little as 95p is revealed today in a letter signed by nearly 100 eminent doctors.
They are backed by a group of international lawyers, who say the conditions in hospitals revealed in their letter amount to a breach of the Geneva conventions that require Britain and the US as occupying forces to protect human life.
Children left to die
In a direct appeal to Tony Blair, the doctors describe desperate shortages causing "hundreds" of children to die in hospitals. The signatories include Iraqi doctors, British doctors who have worked in Iraqi hospitals, and leading UK consultants and GPs.
"Sick or injured children who could otherwise be treated by simple means are left to die in hundreds because they do not have access to basic medicines or other resources," the doctors say. "Children who have lost hands, feet and limbs are left without prostheses. Children with grave psychological distress are left untreated," they add.
They say babies are being ventilated with a plastic tube in their noses and dying for want of an oxygen mask, while other babies are dying because of the lack of a phial of vitamin K or sterile needles, all costing about 95p. Hospitals have little hope of stopping fatal infections spreading from baby to baby because of the lack of surgical gloves, which cost about 3.5p a pair.
Among those who have signed the letter are Chris Burns-Cox, a consultant physician at Gloucester Royal Hospital; Dr Maggie Wright, the director of intensive care at James Page University Hospital; Professor Debbie Lawlor, professor of epidemiology and public health at University College London; Professor George Davey Smith, professor of clinical epidemiology at Bristol university; Dr Philip Wilson, senior clinical research fellow at Glasgow University; and Dr Heba al-Naseri, who has experienced the conditions in Iraqi hospitals. Dr al-Naseri, who has worked at Diwaniyah Maternity Hospital and the Diwaniyah University Hospital, describes in harrowing detail what the conditions were like for a newborn baby — one of the lucky ones who survived — called Amin.
No more left for formula or fresh, clean water
"Amin had to be fed powdered milk, diluted with tap water. There wasn't enough money to buy expensive formula milk or bottled water — their price had risen above the increase in wages since 2003. The problems with the intermittent electricity and gas supply meant regular boiled water could not be guaranteed. With the dormant waste and sewage disposal systems, drinking-water is more likely to be contaminated," he said.
Cases the doctors highlight include a child who died because the doctor only had a sterile needle for an adult and could not find a needle small enough to fit the vein, and another child who died because the doctors had no oxygen mask that fitted.
The doctors say the UK, as one of the occupying powers under UN resolution 1483, has to comply with the Geneva and Hague conventions that require the UK and the US to "maintain order and to look after the medical needs of the population". But, the doctors say: "This they failed to do and the knock-on effect of this failure is affecting Iraqi children's hospitals with increasing ferocity."
$33bn development fund corruption
They call on the UK to account properly for the $33bn (£16.7bn) in the development fund for Iraq which should have supplied the means for hospitals to treat children properly. They say more than half of the money — $14bn — is believed to have vanished through corruption, theft and payments to mercenaries.
They say that all revenues from Iraq's oil exports should now pass directly to the Iraqi people and that illegal contracts entered into by the Coalition Provisional Authority be revoked.
Their letter was supported by experts in international law, including Harvey Goldstein, professor of social statistics at the University of Bristol, and Bill Bowring, a barrister and professor of law at Birkbeck College.
Incubators held together by tape
Nicholas Wood, an architect who helped to organise the protest, said they had evidence on film of dead babies being dumped in cardboard boxes. "In one hospital, there were three babies to an incubator. The incubators are 36 years old and are held together by tape and a bit of wire. They are wrecks. They cost about £5,000 each, but that is nothing to compared to the cost of a missile," he said.
The letter was sent to Downing Street via Hilary Benn, the International Development Secretary, by his predecessor, Clare Short.
A system in meltdown
* Save the Children estimate that 59 in 1,000 newborn babies are dying in Iraq, one of the highest mortality rates in the world. Thousands of infants are dying because of the lack of basic cheap equipment. In Diwaniyah hospital, south of Baghdad, one doctor had to try to ventilate a baby with a plastic tube in its nose because he lacked an oxygen mask costing just 95p. The baby died.
* In the same hospital, a baby with a rare illness causing internal bleeding died due to lack of a phial of vitamin K, which would have cost less than £1.
* One doctor in a Baghdad hospital recently tried to save the life of a child with a drip, but he lacked a sterile needle for a child and the child died. The lack of rubber surgical gloves, which cost 3.5p a pair, has hugely increased the risk of infections.
* Premature babies are crammed three to an incubator, when an incubator can be found. An incubator costs about £5,000.
* Only 50 per cent of the pre-war total of doctors remain in Iraq. The US clearout of Ba'ath party members sympathetic to Saddam Hussein after the invasion has led to a breakdown of health administration.
* The British doctors are calling for guarantees of safety to be given to all medical staff in Iraq by the US and British forces. Above all there is a need to stop the militias killing doctors and nurses.
* Hospitals have been bombed and ambulances shot at. Helicopters could be laid on by the US and UK to ferry cases to Jordan, Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia for treatment of acute trauma and disease.
* Doctors are calling on Britain and America to restore at least $2bn (£1bn) of $14bn that has gone missing since the invasion. Part of this sum, lost in corruption or to militias, was earmarked for hospitals.
* Up to 260,000 children may have died since the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

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So Bush's confident strut, his incessant upbeat pronouncements about the war, his complacent smirks, his callous indifference to the unspeakable horror he has unleashed in Iraq — these are not the hallmarks of self-delusion, or willful ignorance, or a disassociation from reality.
He and his accomplices know full well what the reality is
— and they like it.
Monday Dec. 25, 2006
                Mass death returns to Iraq.
FALLUJAH, Dec. 25, 2006 (IPS) — Ahmed Ghazi has little reason to stock Christmas toys at his shop in Fallujah.
He knows what children want these days.
"It is best for us to import toys such as guns and tanks because they are most saleable in Iraq to little boys," Ghazi told IPS.
"Children try to imitate what they see out of their windows."
And there are particular imports for girls, too, he said.
"Girls prefer crying dolls to others that dance or play music and songs."
What happened?
As children in the United States and around the world celebrate Christmas, and prepare to celebrate the New Year, children in Iraq occupy a quite different world, with toys to match.
Social researcher Nuha Khalil from the Iraqi Institute for Childhood Development in Baghdad told IPS that young girls are now expressing their repressed sadness often by playing the role of a mother who takes care of her small daughter.
"Looking around, they only see gatherings of mourning ladies who lost their beloved ones," said Khalil.
"Our job of comforting these little girls and remedying the damage within them is next to impossible."
Hundreds of thousands of children have faced trauma of some sort.
And for others, the lack of a normal life is trauma enough.
Just a lack of entertainment is developing into a serious problem.
There are only 10 cinemas in Baghdad, and two dilapidated public parks.
These are no longer safe for children.
Children do not go out much to play, and they are not sure of home any more.
The United Nations estimates that more than 100,000 Iraqis are fleeing the country every month.
The number of Iraqis living in other Arab countries is now more than 1.8 million.
There are in addition more than 1.6 million internally displaced people within Iraq.
The group Refugees International says that the increasing number of people fleeing Iraq means that this refugee crisis might soon overtake that in Darfur.
And children suffer most from leaving, and they suffer most where they go.
"Homeless children are inclined to be rough, and isolated from their new neighbourhood and new school colleagues," Hayam al-Ukaili, a primary school headmistress in Fallujah told IPS.
"They do not mix in with their new atmosphere as they should. It is as if they feel it is imposed upon them, and they simply reject it."
Teachers and social workers say children have begun to nurse a strong hatred of the United States.
No more is the United States the image of a good life.
"Children have lost hope in the United States and the Iraqi government after the situation has only worsened every day," Abdul Wahid Nathum, researcher for an Iraqi NGO which assists children told IPS in Baghdad (he did not want the organisation to be named).
"Their understanding of the ongoing events is incredible," he said.
"It is probably because the elder members of the family keep talking politics and watching news.
"Talking to a 12-year-old child, one would be surprised by the huge amount of news inside his head, which is not right."
"Children are the most affected by the tragic events," Dr. Khalil al-Kubaissi, a psychotherapist in Fallujah told IPS.
"Their fragile personalities cannot face the loss of a parent or the family house along with all the horror that surrounds them.
"The result is catastrophic, and Iraqi children are in serious danger of lapsing into loneliness or violence."
The difficulties of children have become particularly noticeable this year.
"The only things they have on their minds are guns, bullets, death and a fear of the U.S. occupation," Maruan Abdullah, spokesman for the Association of Psychologists of Iraq told reporters at the launch of a study in February this year.
The report warned that "children in Iraq are seriously suffering psychologically with all the insecurity, especially with the fear of kidnapping and explosions."
The API surveyed more than 1,000 children throughout Iraq over a four-month period and found that "92 percent of the children examined were found to have learning impediments, largely attributable to the current climate of fear and insecurity."
With nearly half of Iraq's population under 18 years of age, the devastating impact of the violent and chaotic occupation is that much greater.
Three wars since 1980, a refugee crisis of staggering proportions, loss of family members, suicide attacks, car bombs and the constant threat of home raids by occupation soldiers or death squads have meant that young Iraqis are shattered physically and mentally.
As early as April 2003, the United Nations Children's Fund had estimated that half a million Iraqi children had been traumatized by the U.S.-led invasion.
The situation has degenerated drastically since then.
A report issued by Iraq's Ministry of Education earlier this year found that 64 children had been killed and 57 wounded in 417 attacks on schools within just a four-month period.
In all 47 children were kidnapped on their way to or from school over the period.
A friend who is not an Iraqi, nor an Arab, nor a Muslim wrote to me.
She said:
"I feel a pit in my stomach that will not go away.
My sister cried upon hearing the verdict.
How dare they?
What is this collective punishment by the White Man?
I will not stay quiet..."
They say you were authoritarian and totalitarian.
Come and see them now.
See their Fascism infesting the streets.
See it in every neighborhood, see it in every corner....
The point of President Bush's "surge" speech this evening is not in the details of his proposals; rather, it's the message.   The details of Bush's proposal amount to nothing more than a desperate effort to bolster a criminal colonial occupation by ordering more killing and destruction.
Bush is not only determined to continue the war and occupation in Iraq; he's opened a new front for his global war of colonial conquest in Africa.   At this very moment, U.S. AC-130 gun ships are attacking the people of Somalia, as an armada of Pentagon war ships with thousands of troops and bombs waits off the Indian Ocean coast of that country for orders to attack.
   At the same time, the Pentagon is strengthening it's land and sea forces around Iran in preparation for a military attack on that country...
* Immediate, Unconditional & Complete Withdrawal from Iraq
— Out Now!
* End Colonial Occupation and Imperialist Aggression, from
Africa to Asia, from Iraq to Palestine, from  Afghanistan
to Haiti, from the Philippines to Puerto Rico
* No New Wars Against Iran, Syria, North Korea, and
Somalia — Hands Off Cuba and Venezuela
* Stop the War at Home — Stop Racist Police Terror — Stop
the Raids Against Immigrant Workers — Solidarity with
Immigrant Workers and Katrina Survivors.
And the war's second accomplishment — your second accomplishment, sir — is to have taken money out of the pockets of every American, even out of the pockets of the dead soldiers on the battlefield, and their families, and to have given that money to the war profiteers.
Because if you sell the Army a thousand Humvees, you can't sell them any more until the first thousand have been destroyed.
The service men and women are ancillary to the equation.
This is about the planned obsolescence of ordnance, isn't, Mr. Bush?   And the building of detention centers?   And the design of a $125 million courtroom complex at Gitmo, complete with restaurants.
      Keith Olbermann      MSNBC      
John Pilger
THE "liberation" of Iraq is a cruel joke on a stricken people.
The Americans and British, partners in a great recognised crime, have brought down on the Middle East, and much of the rest of the world, the prospect of terrorism and suffering on a scale that al-Qaeda could only imagine.
Anglo-American spin machine
That is what this week's bloody bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad tells us.
It is a "wake-up call", according to Mary Robinson, the former UN Humanitarian Commissioner.
She is right, of course, but it is a call that millions of people sounded on the streets of London and all over the world more than seven months ago — before the killing began.
And yet the Anglo-American spin machine, whose minor cogs are currently being exposed by the Hutton Inquiry, is still in production.
According to the Bush and Blair governments, those responsible for the UN outrage are "extremists from outside": Al-Qaeda terrorists or Iranian militants, or both.
Distract truth that America and Britain now immersed in classic guerrilla war
Whether or not outsiders are involved, the aim of this propaganda is to distract from the truth that America and Britain are now immersed in a classic guerrilla war, a war of resistance and self-determination of the kind waged against foreign aggressors and colonial masters since history began.
For America, it is another Vietnam.   For Britain it is another Kenya, or indeed another Iraq.
In 1921, Lieutenant-General Sir Stanley Maude said in Baghdad: "Our armies do not come as conquerors, but as liberators."
Within three years 10,000 had died in an uprising against the British, who gassed and bombed the "terrorists".
Nothing has changed, only the names and the fine print of the lies.
Using weapons designed to cause maximum human suffering
As for the "extremists from outside", simply turn the meaning around and you have a succinct description of the current occupiers who, unprovoked, attacked a defenceless sovereign country, defying the United Nations and the opposition of most of humanity.
Using weapons designed to cause the maximum human suffering — cluster bombs, uranium-tipped shells and firebombs (napalm) — these extremists from outside caused the deaths of at least 8,000 civilians and as many as 30,000 troops, most conscripted teenagers.
Consider the waves of grief in any society from that carnage.
Murdered journalists, toppled statues and encouraged wholesale looting
AT their moment of "victory", these extremists from outside — having already destroyed Iraq's infrastructure with a 12-year bombing campaign and embargo — murdered journalists, toppled statues and encouraged wholesale looting while refusing to make the most basic humanitarian repairs to the damage they had caused to the supply of power and clean water.
This means that today sick children are dying from thirst and gastro-enteritis, that hospitals frequently run out of oxygen and that those who might be saved can not be saved.
How many have died like this?
"We count every screwdriver," said an American colonel during the first Gulf war, "but counting civilians who die along the way is just not our policy."
The biggest military machine on earth, said to be spending up to $5billion-a-month on its occupation of Iraq, apparently can not find the resources and manpower to bring generators to a people enduring temperatures of well over the century — almost half of them children, of whom eight per cent, says UNICEF, are suffering extreme malnutrition. When Iraqis have protested about this, the extremists from outside have shot them dead.
They have shot them in crowds, or individually, and they boast about it.
American unit murdered at least five people
The other day, Task Force 20, an "elite" American unit murdered at least five people as they drove down a street.
The next day they murdered a woman and her three children as they drove down a street.
They are no different from the death squads the Americans trained in Latin America.
These extremists from outside have been allowed to get away with much of this — partly because of the web of deceptions in London and Washington, and partly because of those who voluntarily echo and amplify their lies.
BBC anti-war ? ? ?
In the current brawl between the Blair government and the BBC a new myth has emerged: It is that the BBC was and is "anti-war".
This is what George Orwell called an "official truth".   Again, just turn it around and you have the real truth; that the BBC supported Blair's war, that day after day it broadcast and "debated" and legitimised the charade of weapons of mass destruction, as well as nonsense such as that which cast Blair as a "moderating influence" on Bush — when, as we now know, they are almost identical warmongers.
Who can forget the BBC's exultant Chief Political Correspondent Andrew Marr, at the moment of "coalition" triumph.   Tony Blair, he declared, "said that they would take Baghdad without a blood bath, and that in the end the Iraqis would be celebrating.   And on both those points he has been conclusively proved right."
If you replace "right" with "wrong", you have the truth.   To the BBC's man in Downing Street, up to 40,000 deaths apparently does not constitute a "blood bath".
According to the independent American survey organisation Media Tenor, the BBC allowed less dissent against the war than all the leading international broadcasters surveyed, including the American networks.
Andrew Gilligan, the BBC reporter who revealed Dr David Kelly's concerns about the government's "dodgy dossier" on Iraq, is one of the very few mavericks, an inconvenient breed who challenge official truth.
It worked
One of the most important lies was linking the regime of Saddam Hussein with al-Qaeda.
As we now know, both Bush and Blair ignored the advice of their intelligence agencies and made the connection public.
It worked.   When the attack on Iraq began, polls showed that most Americans believed Saddam Hussein was behind September 11.
The opposite was true.   Monstrous though it was, Saddam Hussein's regime was a veritable bastion against al-Qaeda and its Islamic fanaticism.   Saddam was the West's man, who was armed to the teeth by America and Britain in the 1980s because he had oil and a lot of money and because he was an enemy of anti-Western mullahs in Iran and elsewhere in the region.
Saddam and Osama bin Laden loathed each other.
Trail of blood that leads to Bush and Blair
His grave mistake was invading Kuwait in 1990; Kuwait is an Anglo-American protectorate, part of the Western oil empire in the Middle East.
The killings in the UN compound in Baghdad this week, like the killing of thousands of others in Iraq, form a trail of blood that leads to Bush and Blair and their courtiers.
It was obvious to millions of people all over the world that if the Americans and British attacked Iraq, then the fictional link between Iraq and Islamic terrorism could well become fact.
The brutality of the occupation of Iraq — in which children are shot or arrested by the Americans, and countless people have "disappeared" in concentration camps — is an open invitation to those who now see Iraq as part of a holy jihad.
Generosity and grace
When I travelled the length of Iraq several years ago, I felt completely safe.
I was received everywhere with generosity and grace, even though I was from a country whose government was bombing and besieging my hosts.
Bush's and Blair's court suppressed the truth that most Iraqis both opposed Saddam Hussein and the invasion of their country.
The thousands of exiles, from Jordan to Britain, said this repeatedly.
But who listened to them? When did the BBC interrupt its anti-Christ drumbeat about Saddam Hussein and report this vital news?
Nor are the United Nations merely the "peacemakers" and "nationbuilders" that this week's headlines say they are.
UN administrator resigned rather than administer the blockade
There were dedicated humanitarians among the dead in Baghdad but for more than 12 years, the UN Security Council allowed itself to be manipulated so that Washington and London could impose on the people of Iraq, under a UN flag, an embargo that resembled a mediaeval siege.
It was this that crippled Iraq and, ironically, concentrated all domestic power in the hands of the regime, thus ending all hope of a successful uprising.
The other day I sat with Dennis Halliday, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, and the UN in New York.   Halliday was the senior UN official in Iraq in the mid-1990s, who resigned rather than administer the blockade.
"These sanctions," he said, "represented ongoing warfare against the people of Iraq.   They became, in my view, genocidal in their impact over the years, and the Security Council maintained them, despite its full knowledge of their impact, particularly on the children of Iraq.
Killed over a million people
"We disregarded our own charter, international law, and we probably killed over a million people.
"It's a tragedy that will not be forgotten... I'm confident that the Iraqis will throw out the occupying forces.   I don't know how long it will take, but they'll throw them out based on a nationalistic drive.
"They will not tolerate any foreign troops' presence in their country, dictating their lifestyle, their culture, their future, their politics.
"This is a very proud people, very conscious of a great history.
"It's grossly unacceptable.   Every country that is now threatened by Mr Bush, which is his habit, presents an outrage to all of us.
"Should we stand by and merely watch while a man (is) so dangerous he is willing to (continue to) sacrifice Americans lives and, worse, the lives of others."
Aug 22 2003
The journalism and films of John Pilger
Politicians of disgust
Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer, US Senator for California, speaks to the crowd about the importance of being an active, informed, and engaged citizen.

CAIR - the Council on American-Islamic Relations - as moderate and mainstream an organization as you can imagine.

Boxer, one of the people who pays tribute to them, (she now claims she never saw the letter she
CAIR — the Council on American-Islamic Relations — is as moderate and mainstream an organization as you can imagine.
Their homepage features such things as "National and Worldwide Muslim Condemnation of Terrorism," "CAIR backs Fatwa against Terror," a public service announcement and a petition entitled "Not in the Name of Islam," and similar things.
A testimonial page features dozens of tributes to their work from a variety of Senators, Congresspeople, and other politicians, not to mention several key FBI people.
But one of the very people who pays tribute to them (she now claims she never saw the letter she "wrote"), California's liberal Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, has rescinded an award given to an Islamic activist not for anything he did, but because he's associated with that radical terrorist-loving outfit, CAIR!
Eli Stephens, Left I on the News:
Thursday, 28 December 2006
Hunt for CIA 'black site' in Poland
By Nick Hawton
BBC News, Szymany, Poland
I stood at the end of the frozen runway, peering through the mist, trying to make out the terminal building in the distance.
Hunt for CIA 'black site' in Poland.

Unusual flights arrived at Szymany airport in 2003
Unusual flights arrived at Szymany airport in 2003
It was exactly at this spot, and under the cover of darkness, that the CIA planes did their business.
"They always followed the same procedure," says Mariola Przewlocka, the manager at the remote Szymany airport in north-east Poland when the strange flights arrived during 2003.
"We were always told to keep away. The planes would stay at the end of the runway, often with their engines running. A couple of military vans from the nearby intelligence base would go up to them, stay a while and then drive off, out of the airport.
'Cash payments'
"I saw several of these flights but never saw inside the vans because they had tinted windows and they never stopped at the terminal building.
"Payment was always made in cash. The invoices were made out to American companies but they were probably fake," says Mrs Przewlocka.
Hunt for CIA 'black site' in Poland.

European MPs visited Poland to investigate the claims
European MPs visited Poland to investigate the claims
In September 2006, President Bush admitted what had been suspected for a long time - that the CIA had been running a special programme to transport and interrogate leading members of Al-Qaeda, away from the public spotlight.
Human rights groups have expressed concerns that the prisoners may have been tortured.
The hunt has been on ever since to locate the secret prisons, or "black sites" as they are known.
Poland and Romania have been named by investigators as hosting such sites.
The claims are denied by both governments.
CIA landings
After a week of meetings in smoky Warsaw restaurants and coffee bars with Polish intelligence sources, airport workers and journalists, I obtained what I had been looking for, and something that nobody in authority wanted to reveal, the flight log of planes landing at Szymany airport.
They confirmed my eyewitness's account - that a well-known CIA Gulfstream plane, the N379P, had made several landings at the airport in 2003.
The plane has been strongly linked to the transportation of Al-Qaeda terrorists [sic Kewe.info].
Another plane, a Boeing 737, had flown direct from Kabul to this remote Polish airport.
Hunt for CIA 'black site' in Poland.

Map of Szymany airport in Poland
"There is no particular reason for a Gulfstream to stop there. So there has to be a reason why the plane is stopping there and the fact that everyone is trying to conceal this reason makes it all the more interesting to try to find out what it is," says Anne Fitzgerald from Amnesty International.
I followed the route of the military vans from the airport to the nearby secret Polish intelligence base at the village of Stare Kiejkuty.
Surrounded by double-lined fences, security cameras and thick pine forest, visitors are not welcome.
'Secret prison'
Within five minutes of stopping the car I was approached by a man in a military uniform who made it clear he wanted me to leave.
Was this where a CIA secret prison had been located?
A committee of European parliamentarians who investigated the CIA secret prison programme subsequently concluded in a report:
"In the light of... serious circumstantial evidence, a temporary secret detention facility may have been located at the intelligence training centre at Stare Kiejkuty."
I think it's quite probable there was a kind of transfer site, a black site, in Poland.
Jozef Pinior, Polish politician
Others go further. Marc Garlasco is a senior military analyst with Human Rights Watch.
He says: "It's almost a foregone conclusion that Poland hosted a CIA Black Site."
But the authorities in Poland do not want to talk about it.
All requests for interviews with government ministers were rejected.
The European parliamentarians met a similar wall of silence.
One civil servant from the prime minister's office claimed a secret, internal inquiry had concluded there had been no "black site" in Poland.
Others disagree.
"I think it's quite probable there was a kind of transfer site, a black site, in Poland. There is a Kafka-like mood in Warsaw. No one from the government has the will to answer our questions," says Jozef Pinior, a senior Polish politician, who has called for a commission to investigate the claims.
With Polish troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, and with the United States as the country's key ally, there is no desire to delve into the secret deals made in the secret war against international terrorism.
The US State Department has said it always complies with its laws and treaty obligations and respects the sovereignty of other countries.
But the truth of Poland's role may soon emerge.
The new Democrat-controlled US Congress may begin its own investigation into the CIA secret prisons programme in the next few months.
Then Nancy Pelosi, chose Silvestre Reyes as House Intelligence Committee chairman.
...Back in 2003 Reyes, a Vietnam vet, was opposed to the war.
Give him clout as Intelligence Committee chair and he starts citing John McCain approvingly, even upping the mad Arizonan's troop-boost call by 10,000.
This last Sunday Harry Reid, the incoming Democratic majority leader in the US Senate, went on ABC's Sunday morning show and declared that a hike in U.S. troops in Iraq is okay with him.
Here's the evolution of the Democrats' war platform since November 7, 2006, the day the voters presented a clear mandate:     "End the war!
     Get out of Iraq!"     
and took the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives away from the Republicans.
Conflict Terminology
Editors, journalists, and readers are urged to use correct and objective references to the resistance fighting taking place in Iraq, Afganistan and Palestine.
Not the other derogatory conflict terminology used by occupation forces and their corporate media outlets, such as guerilla, terrorist, militant, extremist, and insurgent group.
      Al-Jazeerah Editor's Note      www.aljazeerah.info/      
Note: This is also followed by Kewe.info
    informazione dall'iraq occupato
information from occupied iraq
أخبار منالعراق المحتلة
Iraqi Resistance Report
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
Iraq resistance fighter, April 2006

Iraq resistance report December 6, 2006

US closes al-Hadithah Dam, drying Euphrates riverbed in area where Chinook helicopter went down Monday as search continues for missing Americans.

Relentless Resistance attacks drive US forces out of Hit.

Four US troops reported killed in Resistance bombing in ar-Ramadi Wednesday morning.

US military report 10 US military members killed Wednesday December 6, 2006

Photo: http://www.uruknet.com/
US troops raid houses to stop people from watching banned TV station.
In a dispatch posted at 7:18pm Makkah time Saturday night, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that US troops accompanied by their Iraqi puppet army allies carried out a raid in the city of al-Fallujah, 60km west of Baghdad, to identify and punish residents who watch the az-Zawra’ satellite TV station that for a short while now has been broadcasting programs issued by the Iraqi Resistance including all new video releases by the Resistance.
The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported residents of the Nazal neighborhood of al-Fallujah as saying that the US and Iraqi puppet troops stormed into the home of Mr. Kamil Ahmad Hammadi and found his family watching az-Zawra’.
The Americans immediately smashed their television set and arrested the head of the household who was still in custody at the time of reporting.
The same sort of incident took place in another house in the neighborhood, except that there the Americans did not arrest the man of the house but only smashed his TV and radio receiver.
When one family member who spoke English asked an American soldier why they were destroying their television set, the American replied that the az-Zawra’ station incites them to violence.
And when the man responded to that answer by asking the American about freedom of opinion and freedom of expression, the American simply hit him in the face.
Because the Americans have lately been cracking down on people watching the banned TV network, local people have taken to changing stations any time they see a US patrol in the area.
But the Americans have recently taken a new approach, the correspondent reported.
They sneak up to the house to where the breakers for the electricity are located — which most people put near the door — and turn them off.
Then the rest of the US troops storm into the house and the power is turned on enabling the Americans to see if the people have been watching the banned station.
Then they smash their television sets and beat up the head of the household.
US tanks bulldozers crush parked cars, dig up streets and sidewalks in area where Resistance bomb blasted puppet police in Hit, in line with new American policy.
In a dispatch posted at 5:41pm Makkah time Thursday evening, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Iraqi Resistance fighters ambushed a patrol of Iraqi puppet policemen with hand grenades in the middle of Hit, about 165km northwest of Baghdad on Thursday morning.
The Hit correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported eyewitnesses as saying that a group of Resistance fighters armed with hand grenades attacked a patrol of puppet policemen in the middle of Hit, completely destroying a patrol vehicle and killing all the puppet policemen aboard.
The witnesses said that US occupation troops came along with their tanks and bulldozers and crushed a number of private cars that had been parked on both sides of the street.
They also destroyed large areas of the pavement and streets inside the city under a new policy that they have adopted in response to Resistance attacks.
US locks down ar-Ramadi as Iraqi puppet army troops prepare to deploy there Wednesday evening.
In a dispatch posted at 6pm Makkah time Wednesday evening, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that US occupation forces had announced that they had completely sealed off the city of ar-Ramadi, about 110km west of Baghdad starting at 6pm local time Wednesday evening and until further notice.
The ar-Ramadi correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the US troops used loudspeakers to announce the blockade of the city, which comes as Iraqi puppet troops prepare to deploy on the streets of the city in their first official deployment in ar-Ramadi.
Four US troops reported killed in Resistance bombing in ar-Ramadi Wednesday morning.
In a dispatch posted at 6pm Makkah time Wednesday evening, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US Humvee in the as-Sufiyah district of ar-Ramadi on Wednesday morning.
The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast killed four US troops, the dismembered remains of one of whom were found 10 meters from the scene, local witnesses said.
Resistance fighters assault puppet "Iraqi National Guard" headquarters in al-Fallujah Wednesday morning.
In a dispatch posted at 3:12pm Makkah time Wednesday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Iraqi Resistance fighters mounted a violent attack on the headquarters of puppet "Iraqi National Guards" in eastern al-Fallujah, about 60km west of Baghdad on Wednesday morning.
The al-Fallujah correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported a source in the puppet police as saying that Resistance men fired rocket-propelled grenades at the puppet "National Guard" base on as-Sadd Street in the Industrial Zone of al-Fallujah on Wednesday morning.
Following the rocket attack, a firefight broke out between Resistance fighters and the puppet guards in which light and medium weapons were used. The battle lasted for about an hour, during which time the main street in al-Fallujah which was near the scene of the fighting and also nearby side streets were empty of pedestrians and traffic. Witnesses confirmed that the headquarters sustained damage in the attack.
Four US troops reported killed in Resistance car bomb attack in al-Fallujah on Tuesday.
In a dispatch posted at 12:21pm Makkah time Wednesday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance fida’i fighter drove an explosives-laden car into a US column in southeastern al-Fallujah on Tuesday.
The al-Fallujah correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported eyewitnesses in the Sa'dan area as saying that a Resistance fighter drove an explosives-laden Caprice car into a US column, completely destroying one US Humvee and inflicting heavy damage on a second. The explosion killed four US troops and wounded four more of them to varying degrees, the witnesses said.
Afterwards, the American troops surrounded and sealed off the area and then hauled away the wreckage and evacuated their dead and wounded.
Resistance battles US troops in downtown al-Fallujah late Tuesday night.
In a dispatch posted at 10:53am Makkah time Wednesday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that fierce fighting raged between Iraqi Resistance forces and US occupation troops in the middle of al-Fallujah, 60km west of Baghdad, during Tuesday-Wednesday night.
The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported eyewitnesses as saying that late on Tuesday night fierce fighting erupted near ath-Tharthar Street in the Nuwwab ad-Dubbat neighborhood of al-Fallujah. Since the nighttime curfew was in force at the time, no details on the nature or extent of casualties were available. On Wednesday morning, large numbers of US and Iraqi puppet army troops were deployed in the area.
Baghdad . . .
Salah ad-Din Province. . .
Samarra’. . .
Bayji. . .
Diyala Province.
Ba'qubah. . .
Al-Khalis. . .
At-Ta’mim Province.
Al-Hawijah. . .
Kirkuk. . .
Al-Habbaniyah. . .
Hit. . .
Al-Anbar Province.
Al-Hadithah. . .
Resistance sharpshooter reportedly kills two US troops in Bayji on Wednesday morning. . .
At least two US troops killed in massive bomb attack in Ba'qubah late Wednesday morning. . . . . .
Siege of as-Siniyah in its fifth day.
Puppet police hand over their weapons to Iraqi Resistance.
Some also join in Resistance attacks on US forces.
Americans block relief supplies from city.
Kabul, Afghanistan
Four pregnant women die for lack of medical care.
Resistance forces unite under umbrella command knocking out six US military vehicles and nine Iraqi puppet army vehicles in hard fighting on Wednesday. . . .
Had enough killing yet — US!
        Waits to claim body of wife
Ishaqi massacre of village people by US.
Images of the Ishaqi 32 martyrs
killed by the US, who falsely accused them to be Al-Qaeda members.
'I was in my farm, from far I saw American military forces surrounded the house.
Then I heard gunshots and screams.
After 15 minutes the noises stopped and the Americans left the area.
Minutes later, an airplane bombed the two houses.
One missile followed with five missiles.
I knew my whole family members are killed.
An Arab Woman Blues — Reflections in a sealed bottle...
Layla Anwar
In the light of the above "developments" my friend Joanna, a European, sent me an email.
She has been reading my blog and is concerned about my "state".
She believes that I am zooming in on too much negativity and am not seeing the glass half full but am adamant to see it half empty.   Little does she know that there is no "glass" left.
I know she means well and being spiritually evolved, she can afford to be detached somewhere out there in Europe.
Her explanation for the Iraqi Disaster is simple.   She says it is all Karmic.
All the dead, maimed,tortured Iraqis are paying their dues for past sins from some other reincarnation.
I asked her if Othman, Omar and all the D.U babies also qualified?   She said "yes".
What about the raped girls like Abeer and the castrated men in Abu Ghraib?
An affirmative "yes" was her reply.   "We don't know what horrors they committed in their past lives, they might have been members of the Nazi Gestapo" she added.
Ok — now am relieved to know that.
She suggested I apply some "spirituality" to the whole thing.
I will follow her advice and this what I will ask of you:
Take a map, spot Iraq on it.   Visualize it as a burning hell hole, kind of pitch black.
Now close your eyes and send positive vibrations to Her and her people.
Send beams of white light (please make sure it is not phosphorus)
Burn incense and let the fumes rise up and imagine them purifying the land of the Tigris.
Apply mental fragranced healing balms to the wounded and torn apart and chant your favorite mantra.
Stand in a circle and dance to the beat of cosmic drums and channel Sumerian spirits.
Meditate with a burning white candle and go Zen Iraq.
Reiki it.   Shaman it.   Trance it.   Do your Holotropic breathing on it ... I don't care...as long as you send some Love our way.
You can implore whichever Divinity you fancy.   Allah, Elohim, God, Christ, Mother Nature and the four Elements, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, Shakti, Cosmic Consciousness , your Higher Self ...absolutely anything.   Just make sure it is not the blond blue eyed Dude from Texas.
You may ask yourself:   Ok, what 's in it for me?
To which I will reply:   We have a mutual vested interest here.
You "pray" our way and Iraq is restored to wholeness and the pay off is:   You will be rid of the delusional megalomaniac psychopath who is ruling your lives.   It's dialectic or put in simple terms — The door swings both ways.
You New Age me, I'll New Age you.   Get my drift now?
So keep on praying will ya'?
Without any other way to measure "success" in devolving Iraq, the President only wished he could reveal the count of kills the Pentagon had long been amassing behind the scenes.
Now, as things go from bad to worse he has finally given in to that primal body-count urge.
Last week at the Pentagon, for the first time in over three years of post-Mission Accomplished disaster, he offered up a body count, saying:
"Our commanders report that the enemy has also suffered.
Offensive operations by Iraqi and coalition forces against terrorists and insurgents and death squad leaders have yielded positive results.
In the months of October, November, and the first week of December, we have killed or captured nearly 5,900 of the enemy."
Take two typical recent headlines — an AP report went: "2,000 killed in Afghanistan since Sept."
("Almost 2,100 militants (sic — kewe.info) have been killed in Afghanistan since Sept. 1 in operations involving coalition special forces soldiers, a U.S. Army spokesman said.") and a Pentagon news release for Iraq, "20 Terrorists (sic — kewe.info) Killed, Weapons Caches Destroyed" — reveal that it is increasingly policy.
It seems that we now have an official body-count team
        Good Evening, Vietnam         
         — By Tom Engelhardt         

Routine and systematic torture is at the heart of America's war on terror
In the fight against cruelty, barbarism and extremism, America has embraced the very evils it claims to confront
George Monbiot
Tuesday December 12, 2006
The Guardian
After thousands of years of practice, you might have imagined that every possible means of inflicting pain had already been devised.
But you should never underestimate the human capacity for invention.
United States interrogators, we now discover, have found a new way of destroying a human being.
Last week, defence lawyers acting for José Padilla, a US citizen detained as an "enemy combatant", released a video showing a mission fraught with deadly risk — taking him to the prison dentist.
A group of masked guards in riot gear shackled his legs and hands, blindfolded him with black-out goggles and shut off his hearing with headphones, then marched him down the prison corridor.
Going to the dentist!
Taken by US government.
Kept locked up for three years, never charged.
Total sensory deprivation for three years.
Total sensory deprivation
Is Padilla really that dangerous?
Far from it: his warders describe him as so docile and inactive that he could be mistaken for "a piece of furniture".
The purpose of these measures appeared to be to sustain the regime under which he had lived for more than three years: total sensory deprivation.
He had been kept in a blacked-out cell, unable to see or hear anything beyond it.
Most importantly, he had had no human contact, except for being bounced off the walls from time to time by his interrogators.
As a result, he appears to have lost his mind.
I mean that his mind is no longer there.
I don't mean this metaphorically.
I mean that his mind is no longer there.
The forensic psychiatrist who examined him says that he:
Does not appreciate the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him.
Is unable to render assistance to counsel.
Has impairments in reasoning as the result of a mental illness, ie, post-traumatic stress disorder.
Post-traumatic stress disorder has been complicated by the neuropsychiatric effects of prolonged isolation.
José Padilla appears to have been lobotomised: not medically, but socially.
If this was an attempt to extract information, it was ineffective: the authorities held him without charge for three and half years.
Then, threatened by a supreme court ruling, they suddenly dropped their claims that he was trying to detonate a dirty bomb.
They have now charged him with some vague and lesser offences to do with support for terrorism.
He is unlikely to be the only person subjected to this regime.
That the US tortures, routinely and systematically can no longer be seriously disputed.
Another "enemy combatant", Ali al-Marri, claims to have been subject to the same total isolation and sensory deprivation, in the same naval prison in South Carolina.
God knows what is being done to people who have disappeared into the CIA's foreign oubliettes.
That the US tortures, routinely and systematically, while prosecuting its "war on terror" can no longer be seriously disputed.
The Detainee Abuse and Accountability Project (DAA), a coalition of academics and human-rights groups, has documented the abuse or killing of 460 inmates of US military prisons in Afghanistan, Iraq and at Guantánamo Bay.
Killing of 460 inmates of US military prisons in Afghanistan, Iraq and at Guantánamo Bay
This, it says, is necessarily a conservative figure: many cases will remain unrecorded.
The prisoners were beaten, raped, forced to abuse themselves, forced to maintain "stress positions", and subjected to prolonged sleep deprivation and mock executions.
Tortured by the U.S.
Taken by US government.
Kept locked up for three years, never charged.
Total sensory deprivation for three years.
The New York Times reports that prisoners held by the US military at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan were made to stand for up to 13 days with their hands chained to the ceiling, naked, hooded and unable to sleep.
The Washington Post alleges that prisoners at the same airbase were "commonly blindfolded and thrown into walls, bound in painful positions, subjected to loud noises and deprived of sleep" while kept, like Padilla and the arrivals at Guantánamo, "in black hoods or spray-painted goggles".
Alfred McCoy, professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, argues that the photographs released from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq reflect standard CIA torture techniques: "stress positions, sensory deprivation, and sexual humiliation".
The famous picture of the hooded man standing on a box, with wires attached to his fingers, shows two of these techniques being used at once.
Unable to see, he has no idea how much time has passed or what might be coming next.
He stands in a classic stress position — maintained for several hours, it causes excruciating pain.
He appears to have been told that if he drops his arms he will be electrocuted.
US torturers appear to enjoy impunity, until stupid enough to take pictures of each other
What went wrong at Abu Ghraib is that someone took photos.
Everything else was done by the book.
Neither the military nor the civilian authorities have broken much sweat in investigating these crimes.
A few very small fish have been imprisoned; a few others have been fined or reduced in rank; in most cases the authorities have either failed to investigate or failed to prosecute.
The DAA points out that no officer has yet been held to account for torture practised by his subordinates.
US torturers appear to enjoy impunity, until they are stupid enough to take pictures of each other.
Another glorious American tradition: solitary confinement
But Padilla's treatment also reflects another glorious American tradition: solitary confinement.
Some 25,000 US prisoners are currently held in isolation — a punishment only rarely used in other democracies.
Tortured by the U.S.
Taken by US government.
Kept locked up for three years, never charged.
Total sensory deprivation for three years.
In some places, like the federal prison in Florence, Colorado, they are kept in sound-proofed cells and might scarcely see another human being for years on end.
They may touch or be touched by no one.
Some people have been kept in solitary confinement in the US for more than 20 years.
At Pelican Bay in California, where 1,200 people are held in the isolation wing, inmates are confined to tiny cells for 22 and a half hours a day, then released into an "exercise yard" for "recreation".
The yard consists of a concrete well about 3.5 metres in length with walls 6 metres high and a metal grille across the sky. The recreation consists of pacing back and forth, alone.
The results are much as you would expect.
As National Public Radio reveals, more than 10% of the isolation prisoners at Pelican Bay are now in the psychiatric ward, and there's a waiting list.
Prisoners in solitary confinement, according to Dr Henry Weinstein, a psychiatrist who studies them, suffer from "memory loss to severe anxiety to hallucinations to delusions ... under the severest cases of sensory deprivation, people go crazy."
People who went in bad and dangerous come out mad as well.
Christian? society that believes in neither forgiveness nor redemption.
The only two studies conducted so far — in Texas and Washington state — both show that the recidivism rates for prisoners held in solitary confinement are worse than for those who were allowed to mix with other prisoners.
If we were to judge the US by its penal policies, we would perceive a strange beast: a Christian society that believes in neither forgiveness nor redemption.
Useful to erase a man's mind
From this delightful experiment, US interrogators appear to have extracted a useful lesson: if you want to erase a man's mind, deprive him of contact with the rest of the world.
This has nothing to do with obtaining information: torture of all kinds — physical or mental — produces the result that people will say anything to make it end.
It is about power, and the thrilling discovery that in the right conditions one man's power over another is unlimited.
It is an indulgence which turns its perpetrators into everything they claim to be confronting.
Terror, cruelty, barbarism and extremism
President Bush maintains that he is fighting a war against threats to the "values of civilised nations": terror, cruelty, barbarism and extremism.
He asked his nation's interrogators to discover where these evils are hidden.
They should congratulate themselves.
They appear to have succeeded.
Guardian Unlimited © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2006
Emphasis, subtitles, images inserted by Kewe.info
I am in blood
stepp'd in so far that,
should I wade no more,
returning were as tedious
as go o'er.

Five young girls have been killed by US troops in Ramadi in clashes with Iraq resistance forces.
The youngest female casualty was six-months-old and the eldest was aged 10.
Also police and witnesses said U.S. soldiers shot and killed 11 civilians and wounded five on Sunday night in Husseiniya, a suburb about 20 kilometers (13 miles) outside northeast Baghdad.
Iraqi women grieve over death of their relative, a victim of the previous day's attack in Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, Nov. 27, 2006.

Police and witnesses said U.S. soldiers shot and killed 11 civilians and wounded five on Sunday night in Husseiniya, a suburb about 20 kilometers (13 miles) outside northeast Baghdad.

Photo: AP/Karim Kadim

Iraqi women grieve over death of their relative, a victim of the previous day's attack in Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, Nov. 27, 2006.
Police and witnesses said U.S. soldiers shot and killed 11 civilians and wounded five on Sunday night in Husseiniya, a suburb about 20 kilometers (13 miles) outside northeast Baghdad.
Photo: AP/Karim Kadim
November, 2006
For one man who represents the Guantanisation of America itself :
U.S. cancer specialist, Dr. Rafil Dhafir, who cared for his patients so deeply, that he paid for their treatment himself, if they could not afford insurance and were unable to afford therapy.
An Iraqi, with American citizenship who has lived in America for thirty years, he raised money and contributed to one and a half million dollars worth of medicines for Iraqis, over the embargo years (1990-2003) when children were dying of often easily curable ailments for want of simple medications.
For this he has been jailed for twenty two years.
'You have 'criminalised compassion.'
                                   Felicity Arbuthnot        
Fallujah Fallen
— About Saddam trial yesterday I know that many people read the headline only and didn’t read the details, be sure you don’t miss this line:
Badie Aref [He is Tarik Aziz attorney also], who is defending former military intelligence chief Farhan Al Juburi, make an appearance in court.
Aref said that during the recess, US officials came to his office and told him that he had the power to convict or acquit his defendant, and specified which defense witnesses he should use in the trial.
"This is forcing us to do something that the occupation wants," he told the court.
And yes he was arrested today for "saying too much."
   Two young loved ones killed by the US  
Falsely accused by their murderous of being Al-Qaeda members
Nanci Pelosi — U.S. House Democratic leader — Congresswoman California, 8th District
Speaking at the AIPAC agenda   May 26, 2005
Mother her two babies killed by US
More than Fifteen million US dollars
given by US taxpayers to Israel
each day for their military use
4 billion US dollars per year
There are those who contend that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.   This is absolute nonsense.
In truth, the history of the conflict is not over occupation, and never has been:  it is over the fundamental right of Israel to exist.
The greatest threat to Israel's right to exist, with the prospect of devastating violence, now comes from Iran.
For too long, leaders of both political parties in the United States have not done nearly enough to confront the Russians and the Chinese, who have supplied Iran as it has plowed ahead with its nuclear and missile technology....
In the words of Isaiah, we will make ourselves to Israel 'as hiding places from the winds and shelters from the tempests; as rivers of water in dry places; as shadows of a great rock in a weary land.'
The United States will stand with Israel now and forever.
Now and forever.
If you find the images in this article revolting, like me, think of the following: people everywhere in Palestine see such images on a daily basis not as pictures but live and anywhere they go, and that this genocide is supported equally by ALL western countries, the EU and the UN.
If you live in any "western" country, your taxes are very probably financing what you see here.
Speak with your politicians if you do not like what you see.
When the psychopaths and moral degenerates who commit these acts with the help of your governments stop commiting them, I (and others) will stop publishing these images.
Israel had to defend themselves from her,
so they did this.
More than Fifteen million US dollars
given by US taxpayers to Israel
each day for their military use
4 billion US dollars per year
Since the criminal State of Israel denied me the right to work as a journalist in my homeland Palestine and forced me to flee to Europe, I often ask myself why the U.S.A does not stop donating to Israel the bombs which they use against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.
What, ever, have we done to the USA?
Why did the U.S.A send military detachments to Israel after the Israeli lost the war in the south of Lebanon?
The Israeli military radio, 'Tsahal Radio' announced these news.
They said that the American detachment of officers had arrived in Israel to take part in the 'Autumn Clouds' operation in Gaza.
That they helped the Israeli military to perform their 'killing duties' without any loss.
American officers were involved in the last Beit Hanoun massacre, in which in one incident 20 Palestinians were killed, at least 60 innocent children, old men and women were injured.
Leg injuries inflicted by new Israeli weapons
The flesh is apparently burnt and disintegrates into crumbles and liquids
More than Fifteen million US dollars
given by US taxpayers to Israel
each day for their military use
4 billion US dollars per year
The question poses itself, why is the political discourse of the European countries still fixated on the crimes against the Jews over 60 years ago?
All the while allowing and even supporting the perpetration of the big disaster which befalls my homeland Palestine?
Why do all European politicians keep silence about all the crimes which the Israeli perpetrates in Palestine?
Are they scared that the Jews will return to Europe, or are they themselves involved in these crimes?
Is it logical that the European countries signed the convention against Genocide, and then they impose a siege against the Palestinian.
Create conditions for real starvation for another nation in another land?
Why does the international media impose a veil of silence over what is happening in Palestine?
The concentration camps which are Gaza and the West Bank?
Never anything comes out in the media, the TV, the newspapers.
The media only relates minor incidents, or, in a hugely inflated manner, when something small happens against the Israeli occupation terrorists.
As far as I am concerned, all the western media is complicit in this genocide.
There used to be a house here.
Now only a pool of blood remains.
More than Fifteen million US dollars
given by US taxpayers to Israel
each day for their military use
4 billion US dollars per year
The Beit Hanoun massacre, a day of bloody clouds.
On November 1, 2006, the number of the Palestinians who were killed in Gaza during the 'Autumn Clouds' Israeli military terror operation reached 86, and at least 265 were injured.
This happened before the criminals of the Israeli State perpetrated the now generally known massacre in Beit Hanoun.
The morning of November 8, 2006, Israeli tanks shelled Palestinians in their homes in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun.
They fired eleven shells into six homes, killing at least 20 Palestinians, wounding some 60 more.
The Irony is that this attack comes a day after Israeli troops pulled out of the town after a week-long offensive in which dozens of Palestinian died, and hundreds were injured.
A person from Gaza, who also sent me most of the pictures of this article, posted this on that day:
It has been the 7th day of the israeli aggression against citizens in gaza strip town of Bieth Hanoon, till this moment they have killed more than 90 citizen withen those 7 days.
What is most important about this, is the kind of strange weapons used in the attack.
These bombs explode in a strange way to make fatal damage of human body.
Cuts and burns more than any bomb we have ever experienced ... so this is why the number of kills is very high till now.
And for the most important even the wonded, thay almost have no hope to cure, as the damage that happens to their bodys .. the Palestinian Health ministray believes that some nuclear radiations might be contented in these weapons, as they can not really understand what is going on till now.
As i said more than 90 were killed and more than 500 wonded, tens in danger ... and more than 100 handdicapped as the type of weapons they use ..
The israelis destroyed many houses, and they killed many trees in simple words a New Jenin Camp.
If you remember what happened in Jenen, they destroyed roads, electricity and water nets.. in simple words what happened was an earth quack.
During searching some houses they stole what they found, some cellphones and PCs and gold.
What is happpening now that they Israelis partially withdrawn from Beith Hanoon, but not completely as some media say.
For that more than 9 were killed yesterday morning by Israeli snipers, or air raids and the army still ocuupying and having terrorist militant activities against civils.
Tonight some thing that happened which might be good to consider here, is an Israeli airstrike against the house of Jamila AL-Shanty, the member of the Palestinian Legaslative Council.
This caused the death of her sister and her sister's husband and an other passerby.
About the school bus that happened the day before, they shot the female teacher inside the bus in front of little kids about 4 and 5 years old.
Imagine how would they grow up?
Today there has been aggression using arsenal.
The Israeli arsenal killed more than 20 civilians as they bombed houses over the heads of the inhabitants.
So many kids and women were killed or injured this morning..."
Zionists protesting against 'fascism' and 'anti-semitism' in Vienna.
What do these deluded people think that zionism is, if not fascism and anti-semitism?
More than Fifteen million US dollars
given by US taxpayers to Israel
each day for their military use
4 billion US dollars per year
Each time I read about the criminal Israeli operation in Gaza, seeing the increase in the number of the civilian victims, I swallowed my pain and closed the computer.
Until that evening, a day after the Beit Hanoun massacre, when I saw a group of Jews lead a demonstration against an Austrian rightist group which has its office near my house.
Suddenly the questions started coming:
How can it be that such a criminal nation has the gut to complain about the deplorable things which befell them in the past?
While they are perpetrating massacres and crimes on a daily basis.
Often worse than the most extreme crimes attributed to the Nazis.
Against the civilians of another nation.
The Palestinian population jailed in Gaza and the West Bank?
The face and head of this person was melted away
by the new American weapons which Israel is using
More than Fifteen million US dollars
given by US taxpayers to Israel
each day for their military use
4 billion US dollars per year
The Israeli practices in Gaza and the West Bank is indescribable.
The daily crimes of Israel in Palestine are uncountable.
Their hateful and shameless incitements against the Arab world increase day after day....
In Beit Hanoun, some of the shells landed on a home, killing 11 members of one family called Al-'Athamneh, including a 9-year-old child and a 73-year-old woman.
The other shells landed on other five homes at Hamad Street in Beit Hanoun.
Other victims were from the Al-Kafarneh family.
Muhammad Athamneh described the massacre to Palestinian newspaper Hayat Al-Jadidah.
He said that the killed were children, women, and old men, that they had killed his mother, sister, uncle and his six sons, and four sons of his second uncle.
This boy was sleeping,
so they killed him like this
More than Fifteen million US dollars
given by US taxpayers to Israel
each day for their military use
4 billion US dollars per year
Athamneh said that it was 5:30 at the morning, everybody were sleeping, when they heared the very strong blast of the first explosion which landed at his cousins house, followed by screaming and crying.
He ran out, found his relatives, old and young men running in the streets, escaping from the shelling and looking for protection in other places, but that this did not help them to escape from the Israeli shelling.
The "Autumn Clouds" rained missiles on their heads.
They all were killed on the roads.
The whole place was converted into a collective grave.
Athamneh was shocked, he did not know how to save the life of his family and relatives, everybody was bleeding and the floor was covered by a big pool of blood!
He saw the horrible death in front of his eyes.
His cousin’s wife died with her two children while he was screaming and seeking the Ambulance.
Nobody was able to come near under the heavy, blind shelling killing everybody moving in the area.
The sky rained blood that day.
He was probably running away,
so they shot him thru the head
More than Fifteen million US dollars
given by US taxpayers to Israel
each day for their military use
4 billion US dollars per year
Today Saturday, the US, who said in advance that Israel has the right to defend itself and gave the Palestinian resistance the responsibility for the massacre, vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution condemning an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip that killed 20 Palestinian civilians and injured more 60.
The disgusting American Psychopath Bolton described the text as 'unbalanced' and 'biased against Israel and politically motivated'.
Does anyone wonder why the Palestinian resistance is shooting missiles toward Israel, which by the way never really reach anything?
The reason is simple: the big concentration camp which is Gaza, where a million and a half people are caged, impoverished and hungry, and where almost all civilian infrastructure has been left in ruins caused by Israel.
The increased poverty and real hunger which the Palestinians suffer in their reclusion:
The shortage of food for the children,
The damaged infrastructure which the occupation left behind,
The closed entrances of the city,
The daily killings and destruction — including the bombing of the power station — in Gaza,
These reasons are enough for anyone to fight against the Genocide and look for a better life to live.
Does anyone wonder how much the face of the Israeli occupation is bloody, ugly and inhuman?
Does anybody wonder how much the American leaders are criminals in their support to Israel?
When will the world give Israel a firm ultimatum to stop the occupation, the genocide which has been going on for about 60 years now?
Carrying babies to their graves in Beit Hanoun
They died because Western politicians are cowards and racists under the heel of the Zionists
More than Fifteen million US dollars
given by US taxpayers to Israel
each day for their military use
4 billion US dollars per year
Seeking International Military Forces in Palestine
Why did the European politicians not adopt the request of the Palestinians, who asked for European military forces to be sent to Palestine to protect them and the infrastructure from the Israeli crimes?
We are really seeking International military forces to stop the bloody crimes against Palestine, to make a halfways normal life possible.
The Palestinians Authority does not really exist any more.
Abbas and the people around him don’t have even the power to protect their underpants.
The Palestinian civilians lost their trust to the P.A. long time ago, when it became evident that they are a bunch of corrupt, sold-out traitors.
The Palestinian civilians are seeking protection against the Israel criminals, and they will be thankful for anybody who will stop the crimes commited against them.
Please, send military forces to stop the Israeli rampage in Gaza and the West Bank.
Part of the images here come from the Al-Ittihad newspaper, part of them were submitted by somebody from Beit Hanoun who lost seven friends and relatives during this last Israeli rampage.
His only comment was "that's life", because he knows, as all those who live in Gaza, that his life is worth nothing.
This child was not yet born when it was shot by an anonymous Jew
soldiering for Zionism
More than Fifteen million US dollars
given by US taxpayers to Israel
each day for their military use
4 billion US dollars per year
The United States will stand with Israel
now and forever.
Now and forever.
29 July 2007
Israel hails US military aid rise
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has confirmed that the United States is planning a significant increase in military and government aid to Israel.
US Democrats and Republicans Have Enough Votes To End The Palestine Israel conflict
[If They Choose To Do So]
US Democrats and Republicans simply have to block passage of any bill that would continue to fund the Israel government.
This requires not 67 or 60 US Senate votes, or even 51, but just 41 — the number of US senators needed to maintain a filibuster and prevent a bill from coming up for a vote.
In other words, the US Democrats and Republicans have more than enough votes to end the Palestine conflict — if they choose to do so.
The US Democratic and Republican leadership may believe — rightly or wrongly — that such a strategy would entail unacceptable political costs, especially with the high level funding from AIPAC and other Israel backed monetary support.
But that's very different from being unable to affect policy.
To insist that the US Congress cannot stop the Palestine conflict obscures the actual choices facing the US people — by confusing "can't" with "won't.
Date:24/11/2006 URL: http://www.thehindu.com/2006/11/24/stories/2006112402491500.htm
Human rights cannot "be imposed with cluster bombs": Shirin Ebadi
When it comes to humanity the borders are still intact, says Nobel laureate

  • Criticises U.S.-sponsored "war on terrorism"
  • Opposes forced wearing of the hejab
    — Photo: SUSHANTA PATRONOBISHNobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi with West Bengal Governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi in Kolkata.

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 spoke in Kolkata, India November 23, 2006

Today fighting terrorism has become a pretext to violate human rights. And states use national security to increase their power and control of the people. None of this will reduce terrorism.

Under that pretext of fighting terrorism America invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.

There is no question that Saddam [ Hussein ] was a dictator but my question is, was Saddam the only dictator in the world?

Unfortunately we have many.

The difference was that in Iraq oil can be found and in many other places it cannot.

Controlling the lives of citizens, listening in to their phone conversations, interfering with the private lives of people and limiting social and individual freedoms is not the answer.

Human rights cannot be imposed with cluster bombs.

What needs to be globalised is human rights.
    A CRUSADER: Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi with West Bengal Governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi in Kolkata on Thursday.
    KOLKATA: For Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi "human rights is a package....a way of seeing the world, a culture, which cannot "be imposed with cluster bombs" and brought to countries "in tanks".
    "The world is turning into a unified village.   We can see that in finance borders are eliminated.   But when it comes to humanity the borders are still intact."
    "And the problem is here.   What needs to be globalised is human rights", the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003, said in conversation with a select media group here on Thursday.
    Known for her crusade on human rights, Ms. Ebadi, who practises law in her country Iran where she "magically" escaped two assassination attempts, is particularly critical of the U.S.-sponsored "war on terrorism" and its effect on human rights.
    Violence always brings violence
    "Violence always brings violence."
    "Have we found the roots of terrorism?" she asks.
    "Unfortunately today fighting terrorism has become a pretext to violate human rights."
    "And states use national security to increase their power and control of the people."
    "None of this will reduce terrorism," Ms. Ebadi who is on a brief visit to the city observed.
    Has it been reduced?
    "Under that pretext of fighting terrorism America invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.   Has it been reduced?"
    "Unfortunately it is only augmenting and increasing by the day.   This can only mean that they have forgotten addressing the roots [of terrorism] and focusing on the end results... ." she said.
    "We need to fight terrorism at its roots.   Humanity is now on a boat.   Everyone's fate is inter-related."
    Not the answer
    "Controlling the lives of citizens, listening in to their phone conversations, interfering with the private lives of people and limiting social and individual freedoms is not the answer.
    Human rights are inextricably linked with the question of democracy.
    "Today the U.S. claims it is in Iraq because it wants to put democracy on the pole.   There is no question that Saddam [Hussein] was a dictator but my question is, was Saddam the only dictator in the world? Unfortunately we have many."
    Iraq oil can be found
    "The difference was that in Iraq oil can be found and in many other places it cannot."
    She is both "against the forced wearing of the hejab as well against forcing women not to wear it... .women's rights, according to a famous saying, are human rights."
    "All the limitations have always been imposed on women, men are free to wear whatever they want to — whether in Islamic countries or western countries, it always depends on who benefits from such impositions."
    As for her views on the Shariat, "we need an interpretation of Islam which complies with human rights."
    Has the Nobel Prize changed her life?
    "An award does not change one's personality.   It has only increased my work.   I still go to court, I still cook... Of course many doors have opened in the international arena and I am able to bring my voice to a lot many people" Ms. Ebadi, who has almost completed her next book on "fighting poverty."
    "But I always wish that a day would be made up of 48 hours.   The reason is, I have many thoughts that I can't find time to put down on paper."
    To her a writer "does not write anything, it is the pen which does the writing."   "I must abide by the pen and see where it takes me," she says.   Her last book titled `Iran Awakening; A Memoir of Revolution and Hope' has been translated into 18 languages.
    © Copyright 2000 - 2006 The Hindu
    Comment from Kewe.
    U.S. active participation in irradication of Palestinians.
    U.S. involvement in the Zionist cause is the reason for the continuing horror being perpetrated upon Palestinian people.
    These horrors are directly a result of U.S. taxpayer money and U.S. produced armaments being given to the state of Israel.
    Including the transfer of 'Bunker Buster Bombs' likely to bring forth a yet more extensive 'holocaust.'
    In the 1930's and beginning of the 1940's, America looked the other way as the Nazi humiliated, tortured and began the process which led to 6 million murders.
    U.S. active participation in irradication of Palestinians.
    In the years from 1948 to today, the United States of America has actively participated in the irradication and attempted extermination of Palistinians.
    It is difficult to admit the truth but American money and military equipment has been poured into Israel to the point where they have been led to believe that they can kill and brutalize at will.
    They have the support of the most powerful nation in the world.
    As the working individual in the United States daily earns to pay for this, this grief and horror bought by his or her money — voted and agreed by the will of the US Congress — the atrocities continue.
    All the military rifles used are American made M-16's
    All the helicopter gun ships are American Apaches & Cobras
    All the fighter jets are American F-15's and F-16's
    All have been supplied with American taxpayer money.
    All of this brutality;
    all of this violence;
    all of these atrocities are fueled by the continuation of the American purse.
    The United Nations must take care of this beleagured land and its people.
    The world must assist.
    Because, if for nothing else, the world has created this.
    The United State of America must be forced to stop blocking the United Nations from intervening.
    Now, with the supposed withdrawal from Gaza, which is not a withdrawal, many believe this problem will go away.
    It will not go away.
    But it can be solved.
    The United State of America must be forced to stop blocking the United Nations from intervening.
    An Arab Woman Blues — Reflections in a sealed bottle...
    Thursday, November 23, 2006
    Happy ThanksGiving.
    Painting: Iraq Artist Shayban Ahmad
    I don't know what ThanksGiving is.
    It is not part of my culture, and I don't remember Christians in the Middle East celebrating it.
    So I asked around.
    I was told ThanksGiving is a special day at the end of a Harvest, where people gather and give thanks for their yearly blessings.
    A typical North American custom so to speak.
    Allow me to give thanks too:
    People of the USA, you and your government and your institutions and your military and your oil corporations.
    Thank You for giving us a wonderful Thanksgiving banquet.
    On the menu
    1 million extra in Exodus bringing up the total to 2 Million
    Main course
    3,790 fresh corpses straight from the October Morgue, no stale meat here.
    3,000 Widows in season, per month plus thousands of caramelized orphans.
    Tons of Blood barrels, as much as you can drink, courtesy of the House.
    * * *
    The people of Iraq wish you a very Happy ThanksGiving Day.
    Painting : Iraqi Artist Shayban Ahmad
    Vietnam verses Iraq American military deaths.

Vietnam American military deaths in year 1961 - 16

Vietnam American military deaths in year 1962 - 52

Vietnam American military deaths in year 1963 - 118

Vietnam American military deaths in year 1964 - 206

Vietnam American military deaths in year 1965 - 1863

Vietnam American military deaths in year 1966 - 6143

Vietnam American military deaths in year 1967 - 11,153

Iraq American military deaths in year 2003 - 486

Iraq American military deaths in year 2004 - 848

Iraq American military deaths in year 2005 - 846

Iraq American military deaths in year 2006 to November 17 2006 - 684

Graph: www.Huffingtonpost.com
    Vietnam verses Iraq American military deaths.
    Vietnam American military deaths in year 1961 — 16
    Vietnam American military deaths in year 1962 — 52
    Vietnam American military deaths in year 1963 — 118
    Vietnam American military deaths in year 1964 — 206
    Vietnam American military deaths in year 1965 — 1863
    Vietnam American military deaths in year 1966 — 6143
    Vietnam American military deaths in year 1967 — 11,153
    Vietnam American battle deaths 1964 to 1975 — 47,410
    In addition 10,000 deaths of American young men in Vietnam are listed as 'other'
    Iraq American military deaths in year 2003 — 486
    Iraq American military deaths in year 2004 — 848
    Iraq American military deaths in year 2005 — 846
    Iraq American military deaths in year 2006 to November 17 2006 — 684
    New World Order Statistics of Human Misery of Soldiers and Military that fight for the 'Order'
    ('The West' and their lackey's Warfare)
    Excluding Somalia and various other secret engagements
    Of the 3,417 coalition deaths in Afghanistan:
    One Albania
    40 Australia
    One Belgium
    158 Canada
    Five Czech
    43 Denmark
    Nine Estonia
    Two Finland
    86 France
    27 Georgia
    54 Germany
    Seven Hungary
    48 Italy
    Two Jordan
    Three Latvia
    One Lithuania
    10 Unidentified as to country NATO
    25 Netherlands
    11 New Zealand
    10 Norway
    38 Poland
    Two Portugal
    21 Romania
    Three Slovakia
    One South Korea
    34 Spain
    Five Sweden
    14 Turkey
    447 UK
    2,309 US
    To January 22, 2014
    These figures are 'Battle deaths' and do not include deaths that take place as early as two or three weeks outside the Afghanistan war zones when seriously injured troops are shipped to their home country, or in the situation with the US military to some hospital on a military base in another country.
    These figures do not include suicide of soldiers who have returned home, or the killing and injuring of loved ones and others outside the family, by soldiers with mental impairment who have returned home.
    At least 17,674 US personnel have been wounded in action, according to the Pentagon between November 2001 and September 2012.
          U.S. & Coalition/Casualties     
          in Afghanistan occupation      
    Of the 4,804 coalition deaths in Iraq:
    4,486 have been Americans
    Two Australia
    One Azerbaijan
    Thirteen Bulgaria
    One Czech Republic
    Seven Denmark
    5 El Salvador
    Two Estonia
    One Fiji
    Five Georgia
    One Hungary
    33 Italy
    One Kazakhstan
    Three Latvia
    Two Netherlands
    23 Poland
    Three Romania
    Four Slovakia
    One South Korea
    11 Spain
    Two Thailand
    Eighteen Ukraine
    179 UK
    To January 22, 2014
    These figures are 'Battle deaths' and do not include deaths that take place outside Iraq war zones, as early as two or three weeks, after seriously injured troops are shipped to their home country, or in the situation with the US military to some hospital on a military base in another country.
    — other coalition deaths are estimated at up to 10,000 deaths including contract people brought into Iraq by coalition forces.
    These figures do not include suicide of soldiers who have returned home, or the killing and injuring of loved ones and others outside the family, by soldiers with mental impairment who have returned home.
    At least 32,223 U.S. troops have been wounded in action, according to the Pentagon between March 2003 and November 2011.
          U.S. & Coalition/Casualties     
          in Iraq occupation                     
    CIA Obama the acting president
    Every facial movement, gesture of the hand, word enunciated by the 44th president turns out to be a complete charade
    The CIA — Obama — Illuminati
    A long-term strategic CIA plan to recruit promising candidates
    and steer these individuals and their families into positions of influence and power
    Behavior modification
    Phenomenological — structures of consciousness — programs
    US policy has even less regard for human rights both abroad and at home
    A Beatle's Ballad to the Troops
    Dead in Iraq
    Am too sick today to write much.
    But I can still sing and am singing a song for you, Troops.
    My special dedication for today is the Beatle's song:  "Get Back".
    If you don't remember the lyrics,
    let us hum them together now.
    So it goes...
     "Get back, get back, get back
                                                    to where
                                          you onced belonged
                                   Get back Jo Jo.  Get back Joe.
                                                   GO HOME"        
    I don't care in which accent you sing it:  American , English, Israeli, Persian.  Just sing it !
    Buhriz, Iraq
            Dances atop military vehicle
                    November 28, 2006
    Wednesday, 6 December 2006
    Tribe blesses lesbian marriage
    By Sanjaya Jena
    Orissa, India
    The two lesbian women have had unhappy experiences with men in the past.

Picture: Pramod Samantray
    The two women have had unhappy experiences with men in the past
    Picture: Pramod Samantray
    An Indian tribe has given its consent to a lesbian 'marriage' in the eastern Indian state of Orissa.
    A priest belonging to the Kandha tribe led the ceremony between Wetka Polang, 30, and Melka Nilsa, 22, in Koraput district recently.
    Both the women are day labourers and now live together in Dandabadi village.
    Same-sex relationships are outlawed in India.   The 145-year-old colonial Indian Penal Code clearly describes a same sex relationship as an "unnatural offence".
    Sociologists say that a community blessing a same-sex 'marriage' is unheard of in India.
    It was not easy for Wetka and Melka to convince their tribe that they wanted to get married and live together - the local community at first fiercely protested at the idea.
    The two women then eloped to another village to escape the wrath of their neighbours.
    Lesbian Wetka Polang, marries with blessing of her tribe.

Photo: Pramod Samantray
    We love each other very much.   We are leading a blissful married life
    After much persuasion by family members, Kandha villagers of Dandabadi finally gave consent to the formal wedding.
    "They [Wetka and Melka] wanted to prove that they can live without the help of men.   They also love each other very much.   So we decided to forgive them," said village elder Melka Powla.
    But the two tribal women had to pay fines to their community to get it to bless their union — they offered a barrel of country liquor, a pair of oxen, and a sack of rice and hosted a family feast.
    Eventually, last month, Wetka applied vermillion on Melka's forehead in the tradition of Indian marriage ceremonies before a disari or community priest, said village elder Dalimangi Chexa.
    Now the couple say they are happy.
    "We are leading a blissful married life.   We love each other very much," Wetka told the BBC.
    Both the women have had unhappy experiences with men in the past.
    Wetka says she walked out of her marriage to an alcoholic after years of abuse.
    Melka's family had arranged her marriage with another local man much against her wishes — she managed to break the engagement by telling the man's family that he was mentally "not normal".
    The two women now hope to extend their family by adopting the son of Wetka's elder brother.
           US San Francisco, US Massachusetts, South Africa, Canada is proud         
    Map showing declared, suspected and potential nuclear nations.

The US is also said to have some 3,000 warheads in reserve, while Russia has about 11,000 in non-operational stockpiles.

Israel declines to confirm it has nuclear weapons.

North Korea — 1 test underground, October 2006.

Iran is accused by the US of ambitions to build nuclear arms.

The United states had drawn up a battle plan for the potential use of nuclear weapons in Iraq and the United States has been involved in planning potential nuclear use scenarios for Iran.

The United States is now involved in a massive program to overhaul its nuclear arsenal.

In fact they're working to replace every nuclear warhead and all of the existing delivery systems in the arsenal to ensure prompt precision global strike capabilities.

Jackie Cabasso — Western States Legal Foundation
    The United States has conducted 1,127 nuclear and thermonuclear tests — 217 in the atmosphere.
    The Soviet Union/ Russia conducted 969 tests — 219 in the atmosphere.
    France, 210 tests, 50 in the atmosphere.
    The United Kingdom, 45 tests — 21 in the atmosphere.
    China, 45 tests — 23 in the atmosphere.
    India and Pakistan — 13 tests underground.
    Israel — possible 1 test atmosphere South Africa 1979.
    North Korea — 1 test underground, October 2006.
    “The United states had drawn up a battle plan for the potential use of nuclear weapons in Iraq and the United States has been involved in planning potential nuclear use scenarios for Iran.”
    “The United States is now involved in a massive program to overhaul its nuclear arsenal.   In fact they're working to replace every nuclear warhead and all of the existing delivery systems in the arsenal to ensure prompt precision global strike capabilities.”
    Jackie Cabasso — Western States Legal Foundation
    Western Elite militarism
    Western Elite Terror States
    Western Elite War Crimes
      Protests around world every 11th of month
    Your life, your children's lives —
    Will you live or die?
    Decided by small group of elite.
    Pure evil
    It doesn't get any clearer than this
    Published on Friday, March 2, 2007 by the Los Angeles Times
    US to Develop New Hydrogen Bomb
    by Ralph Vartabedian
    The Energy Department will announce today a contract to develop the nation's first new hydrogen bomb in two decades, involving a collaboration between three national weapons laboratories, The Times has learned.
    The new bomb will include design features from all three labs, though Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the Bay Area appears to have taken the lead position in the project. The Los Alamos and Sandia labs in New Mexico will also be part of the project.
    Why are the West's elites trying to start a nuclear war?
    Because you pay for it
    BBC — Thursday, 6 September 2007
    UK jets 'chase Russian bombers'
    UK MoD image of Tupolev-95 Bear bomber

An MoD photo shows RAF Typhoon shadowing a Russian Bear-H
    Norway says Russia has increased military flights in the Arctic
    The UK's Royal Air Force has launched fighter jets to intercept eight Russian military planes flying in airspace patrolled by Nato, UK officials say.
    Four RAF F3 Tornado aircraft were scrambled in response to the Russian action, the UK's defence ministry said.
    The Russian planes - said to be long-range bombers - had earlier been followed by Norwegian F16 jets.
    Russia recently revived a Cold War-era practice of flying bombers on long-range patrols.
    A Norwegian officer, Lt Col John Inge Oegland, told the BBC the Russian Tupolev Tu-95 Bear bombers flew in international airspace from the Barents Sea to the Atlantic, before turning back.
    Two Norwegian F-16s shadowed them on Thursday morning and another two went up later, he said.
    There have been several similar incidents in recent months, Lt-Col Oegland added.
    "Norway is following the increased Russian activity in the far north with interest," he told the BBC News website.
    He said the Russian flights were not causing alarm in Norway.   "Our systems are adequate," he said, when asked whether Norway was bolstering its security in the area.
    The aim of Kewe.info is to make us all aware that the most murderous violence and terror by far, committed by anyone, is done by The West
    Violence and terror is the footprint and modus operandi of Western Government and the shadow power that operates from behind these 'elected officials'
    This film helps us to focus on that reality
    Indonesia's 9/11 — Exposing US government operations in the Bali Bombing
    Questioning War, Organizing Resistance
    - Carol Brouillet
    Glen Clancy, from Victoria, Australia, created "Fool Me Twice" described as 'A documentary about the Australian government's lies about the East Timor massacres, the cover-up of the Bali Bombings and subsequent anti-terror laws.'
    The 25 year old, Clancy is Australia's Dylan Avery (of Loose Change fame).
    The work was originally created to be viewed online, but Clancy is working on improving the resolution for larger screen and theatrical viewing.
    Glen wrote on December 4, 2008
    To all,
    After discovering 911 was an inside job, through such movies as Loose Change, Terrorstorm and Zeitgeist, I decided to investigate the Bali bombings. The evidence was overwhelming. There had been a cover-up.
    As shocking as the truth may be, please keep an open mind while viewing this documentary. FOOL ME TWICE is 100% sourced. Please see reference list below. I tried to produce a documentary as true to the genre as possible, limiting opinion and simply documenting the facts.
    I believe that 911 Truth is one of the most important movements of our time and exposing the cover-up of the 2002 Bali bombings can help destroy the "911/War on terror/Al-CIAda" myth.
    Please help spread this information.
    Kind regards,
    To listen to the March 10, 2008 interview of Glen Clancy by Carol Brouillet broadcast on:
    We The People Radio Network
    — Right Click Here (Save Target As, Link As, File) MP3 1 hour
    Firefighters for 9/11 Truth
    Erik Lawyer:
    I, like most Americans, remember exactly where I was when I saw the attacks and had the overwhelming urge to take action.
    I was shocked, outraged, scared and confused.
    I called my Battalion Chief and asked if Seattle would be sending any teams to help.
    I was a member of the MMST, and figured we would be needed and I wanted to know where to report.
    Due to the nature of the incident we were not called up, and instead USAR teams, including Seattle's, were sent.
    I first visited Ground Zero in October of 2001 with several firefighters from Seattle.
    We went to pay our respect and show support.
    We raised money for our brother firehouses and attended the funerals of our fallen Brothers.
    I was deeply moved and humbled by the community support, the sheer enormity of the tragedy along with the courage and compassion of the FDNY "Brotherhood."
    I vividly remember the anger, the intense desire for vengeance,the feelings of helplessness
    Even though I listened to their stories for days, I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and tragedy they suffered on that day and the years to come.
    I vividly remember the anger I felt, the intense desire for vengeance, and the feelings of helplessness.
    I was relieved when the government identified the terrorists and satisfied that we were going to have a swift deliverance of "justice."
    I've been a conservative my entire life; a registered Republican since I could vote.
    I am a self proclaimed Patriot with George Washington as one of my all time heroes.
    So when conspiracy theories quickly surfaced, and "Liberals" cried foul on the erosion of civil liberties, I chalked it up to their political beliefs and bitterness towards the Republican President.
    I read many debunking articles — including Popular Mechanics — and watched many debunking videos including, Farenhype 9/11.
    I was convinced that these "Liberals" were misinformed and were grasping at straws to discredit the "official" story.
    Don't confuse me with the facts, I have my mind made up!
    Like most people with strong opinions, instead of looking at all the facts, I was specifically looking for anything that supported my own beliefs.
    As soon as I discovered any inaccuracy in a conspiracy claim, I wrote it off.
    My father, a big city cop and Korean War veteran, loved to say, "don't confuse me with the facts, I have my mind made up!"
    Well, I had my mind made up.
    I told conspiracy theorists like my own Truck Officer, Lt. Earl Emerson, that they were insane if they thought anyone other than the terrorists did this.
    Bin Laden confession tapes — how much clearer did they need it
    Heck, we have ID cards, security camera videos, Bin Laden confession tapes — how much clearer did they need it?
    The years went on and I was satisfied in my beliefs.
    I even believed these "Wackos" that doubted the "official" story were distracting our country from focusing on the real threat of terrorism...
    Fast forward to March of 2008.
    A great friend of mine with a Business degree from West Point, as conservative and non-conspiratorial as they get, came over one night to talk about what he saw happening in the economy.
    Began researching such things as economies, who is in control of currencies
    He provided some disconcerting evidence that we as a nation are at risk of entering into another depression; he pointed out historical parallels where other countries, such as Germany, suffered economic collapse.
    THAT was my eye opener.
    I became obsessed researching things such as economies, who is in control of currencies, what causes depressions, who profits during war, etc.
    So many things kept pointing to 9/11.
    Another one of my dad's favorite quotes was, "believe half of what you see and none of what you hear."
    So, I looked at both sides and quickly noticed a pattern.
    On one side, the general media ignores some of the most compelling evidence that contradicts the "official" story...
    When I voiced my new opinion and concerns most of my friends listened.
    Shocked that a staunch Conservative could have such a major shift
    I think because they were shocked that a staunch Conservative could have such a major shift, or because they thought I had lost my mind and wanted to diagnose the cause.
    Curiously, some became angry at my new questions and actually thought I was supporting Terrorists with my concerns.
    Being a part of that same mindset myself only a few weeks ago, and then having a major shift in consciousness, really shook me to the core.
    What has happened to our collective consciousness that we believe anyone who doubts the "official" story or what the government tells us is an enemy?
    What has happened to us — are we not founded on Freedom of Speech and taught to check our Government?
    Anyone who asks for the Truth is labeled a "Wacko" or "Terrorist Sympathizer?"
    What has happened to us?
    Are we not founded on Freedom of Speech and taught to check our Government?...
    To be honest, I was asleep at the wheel, and relied on what I was being told by mainstream media.
    The same media whose parent corporations, are some of the largest suppliers of weapons in this war.
    Before this "awakening" I had no idea the extent of our civil liberties that had been eroded in the name of Terrorism.
    I had never really wrapped my brain around what legalized torture means.
    I had always claimed America was noble.
    Just look at how we treated POW's during WWII and Vietnam compared to our enemies.
    [Ever check out the real story of John McCain as a POW, keep investigating! — Kewe.info]
    That separated us.
    We were setting the example of Human Rights to the rest of the world.
    [Check out the real facts of US instigations in Central and South America! — Kewe.info]
    Sure, you'll always have individuals that will take things too far, but Government sponsored torture?
    [Let's mention CIA activity across the planet since its inception, including inside the US, and other black budget US government special operations agencies! — Kewe.info]
    What has happened to our country?
    What kind of example are we setting for our children, and the world?
    You would be interested to learn how many of our own rights have been stripped away recently.
    Look up the Military Commissions Act of 2006, John Warner Defense Authorization Act, Homegrown Terrorism Act, Presidential Directive 51.
    Amazing the rights we have all lost
    It is amazing the rights we have all lost in the past couple of years and very little is covered by the U.S. media.
    After discovering this, I applied the "common sense" test that my Grandfather always said wasn't so common.
    Why would a government so aggressively suppress truth and blatantly destroy evidence if there was nothing to hide?
    Why has every testimony from sworn government and military officials that points to "prior knowledge" been stricken from the 9/11 Commission Report?
    How did paper business cards, cloth bandanas, and plastic ID's that implicate the terrorists survive so neatly through jet fueled fireballs hot enough to destroy titanium and steel?
    I've seen bodies burned beyond recognition, yet I have never found one that was wearing unburned clothing.
    These questions alone are enough to make me risk everything for a real investigation and accounting...
    When I truly realized the enormity of the effect 9/11 has had on our Rights, our Economy, our Beliefs, our Fears, our Intolerances and our Government — I felt fear, then anger, then the need to take action.
    Bill Chickering said it best:
    "Anger is a very appropriate and necessary response to an injustice.
    "But stand back now; the truth, clearly spoken, is always your best weapon.
    "Calmly spoken, it can burn a hole through the hardest heart."
    When I realized the extent of the force and attitudes working to silence those who peacefully ask questions, demand answers, and seek truth, it became clear to me that our Country is in serious trouble and I must now stand alongside those Patriots who seek Truth and Constitutional Restoration.
    Richard Gage, AIA is the founding member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ae911Truth.org.
    He has been a practicing Architect for 20 years and has worked on most types of building construction including numerous fire-proofed steel-framed buildings.
    He is employed with a San Francisco Bay Area architecture firm and has most recently performed Construction Administration services for a new $120M High School campus including a $10M steel-framed Gymnasium.
    Currently he is working on the Design Development for a very large mixed use urban project with 1.2M sq.ft. of retail and 320K sq.ft. of mid-rise office space — altogether about 1,200 tons of steel framing.
    He has been one of the most tireless speakers on the issue of 9/11 truth, and more specifically on challenging the official narrative of the disintegration of the 3 major skyscrapers in the World Trade Center complex that took place on September 11th.
    He has been lecturing widely across the US and in Canada.
    Those who see his presentation rarely walk away still thinking that fires alone could have brought down the buildings.
    When NIST came out with a report recently that fires were responsible for the destruction of WTC7, Richard and Architects and Engineers were quick to challenge that report.
    See NY Times quotes Richard Gage on WTC7 "collapse"
    Aside from the NYT's reporter and a media request from Bulgaria, the press has tried to ignore the serious criticisms that Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has raised about their reports.
    Richard Gage gives an insightful interview on major points that scientifically do not agree with the official story of 9/11.
    Click logo for architects & engineers for 9/11 truthArchitects & Engineers for 9/11 truth

Image: www.ae911truth.org/
    911 Operation Gladio — Syria chemical attack — Al-Qaeda lead up to Twin Towers falling — US government fabricated stories
    Operation Gladio false flag terrorism over decades to raise US government power
    You had to attack civilians — the people women children far removed from any political game — this would allow authorities to bring in a state of emergency
    Innumerable regular meetings between US and Al-Qaeda in lead-up to 2001
         False Flag terrorism is being used to move people 'like sheep'       
         NATO Secret Armies     
          US fabrications of Syria government chemical attack — 9/11      
    911 Controlled Demolition - Seeking Understanding - Coming to Terms - Psychologists and therapists speak out.

Most of us who have lived with the events of 911 have as a result experienced some kind of trauma over the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings.

In fact someone told me recently, 'I wouldn't believe what you are telling me about 911 even if it were true.'

2,606 people lost their lives in the World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001.

125 people lost their lives at the Pentagon on 9/11.

246 people lost their lives on the four planes on 9/11.

Image: ae911truth.org
    In fact someone told me recently, 'I wouldn't believe what you are telling me even if it were true.'
    PDF and now EPub versions for small tablets and Kindle, Nook and varied e-readers
    The Game - The Enslavement Dream - Manor House Oath Highway.

    By all accounts, the unprecedented events of September 11th, 2001 changed the way our country functions, and in turn, the world.
    It is therefore critical that conscientious Americans, as well as people around the globe, understand these events in detail.
    Unfortunately the official reports, including The 9/11 Commission Report and the NIST WTC Report, written by those working under the direction of the Bush Administration, have been proven to be elaborate cover-ups.
    Film: 9/11 Revisited
    September 11th Revisited is perhaps the most riveting film ever made about the destruction of the World Trade Center.
    This is a powerful documentary which features eyewitness accounts and archived news footage that was shot on September 11, 2001 but never replayed on television.
    Featuring interviews with eyewitnesses & firefighters, along with expert analysis by Professor Steven E. Jones, Professor David Ray Griffin, MIT Engineer Jeffrey King, and Professor James H. Fetzer.
    This film provides stunning evidence that explosives were used in the complete demolition of the WTC Twin Towers and WTC Building 7.
    For Film: 9/11 Revisited
    — Click Here
    Film: 9/11 Press for Truth
    An excellent documentary about the families of the victims of 9/11 and their fight to uncover and expose the truth about what happened that day.
    For Film: 9/11 Press for Truth
    — Click Here
    Film: 9/11 Mysteries
    90 minutes of pure demolition evidence and analysis, laced with staggering witness testimonials.
    Moving from "the myth" through "the analysis" and into "the players," careful deconstruction of the official story set right alongside clean, clear science.
    The 9/11 picture is not one of politics or nationalism or loyalty, but one of strict and simple physics. How do you get a 10-second 110-story pancake collapse?
    'Oh!   You don't believe the 9-11 official version,' they say.
    'You mean where they want you to accept the buildings were not blown up from below.
    'Plane fuel!   Substance never burns higher then a gas stove!   That it caused the inner core steel to melt!
    'Steel melting!
    'Concrete vaporizing!
    ' 'No!   I don't believe that conspiracy theory.
    'Cheney!   Bush!   Rudy Giuliani!   HA!  HA!
    'Tower 7 that never had a plane hit — just came tumbling down!
    'You believe that, eh!
    'Ever think it had to be blown up because the plane scheduled to fly into it was off getting shot down.
    'Thermite in Tower 7's walls, you see — incriminating evidence — impossible to get out without people watching!
    Had to be blown up!
    'Next you'll be saying Obama is not a Wall Street Illuminati banker stooge?
    'Take your pick:   The partner in a comedy team who feeds lines to the other comedians.
    'Him who allows himself to be used.
    'Oh!   I can't really blame you,   Television it turns minds to pulp.
    'Turn off the television.   It's the only way.'
    'Turn off the television?'
    'Get rid of it really.   I mean what else is there to do!'
    'Get rid of the television?'
    'Don't forget all radio garbage is propaganda, even the songs.
    'Then those five minute propaganda hits they send you every hour!
    'The ones they refer to as News
    'Get rid of all the propaganda from your brain, the only way to do it.'
    'Stop being hooked on those Hollywood movies — even those that make you think they are making you think'
    'All paid performers to make your brain dead.
    'You turn the brainwashing off, you'll begin to become yourself.
    'It really is the only way!'
    Kewe — Kewe.info
    11 months before September 11, 2001 Aaron Russo is speaking to nick rockerfeller.

There's going to be an event Aaron, we are going into Afghanistan, we are going to go into Iraq.

Photo: internet
    For 2007-original-version — right click here to download MP4 video from kewe.info server
    Click logo for architects & engineers for 9/11 truthArchitects & Engineers for 9/11 truth

Image: www.ae911truth.org/
    AND don't forget this on YouTube:
    Pandora's Black Box Chapter Two — click here
    Every missile has a home.

Photo: Alaska Image Library
    Every missile has a home
    (No Mortgages to Worry About)
    Image: Natasha Mayers
    "Here's your Patriot Act; here's your fucking abuse of power!"
    "I told you to stand up — "
           UCLA Student Tasered by Police in Library — click here for YouTube video        
    UCLA Police Taser Student For Not Showing ID
    This is like something out of a horror movie, you can hear the guy screaming and begging not to be tortured as they repeatedly hit him with the Taser shot.
    Tortured for not showing ID in America, this is what 'serve and protect' has come to mean.
    The UCLA student was hit with the Taser shocks multiple times while he was in the Powell Library Computer Lab.
    The six-minute video shows Mostafa Tabatabainejad audibly screaming in pain as he is stunned several times with a Taser, each time for three to five seconds.
    He is told repeatedly to stand up and stop fighting, and is told that if he does not do so he will "get Tased again."
    Mostafa is also stunned with the Taser when he is already handcuffed, says Carlos Zaragoza, a third-year English and history student who witnessed the incident.   "No possible danger to any of the police — getting shocked and Tasered as he is handcuffed."
    As Tabatabainejad is being dragged through the room by the two officers, he repeats in a strained scream, "I'm not fighting you.   I said I would leave."
    The officers used the 'drive stun' setting in the Taser.   Tasers deliver volts of low-amperage energy to the body, causing a disruption of the body's electrical energy pulses and locking the muscles.
    The Lancet Medical Journal in 2001 states a charge of three to five seconds can result in immobilization for five to 15 minutes.   Mostafa would have been physically unable to stand when the officers demanded that he do so.
    "It is a real mistake to treat a Taser as some benign thing that painlessly brings people under control.   The Taser can be incredibly violent and result in death" — Peter Eliasberg, managing attorney at the ACLU of Southern California.
    Mostafa Tabatabainejad was walking with his backpack toward the door when he was approached by two UCPD officers, one of whom grabbed the student's arm.
    In response, Mostafa yelled at the officers to "get off me."   Following this demand, Tabatabainejad was stunned with the Taser.
    The incident of police violence left many students disturbed.
    UCLA administration said that the police were doing nothing wrong.   In so many words they were accepting that to Taser a student for forgetting his BruinCard was quite appropriate, if he or she responds as Mostafa did.
    Well UCLA student? ? ?   You're paying for these people.
    Is this the kind of University you want to attend?
    Is the Taser [torturing] of a fellow student acceptable to you?
    Is this the kind of world in which you wish to live?
    Well UCLA faculty? ? ?   Is this an environment where you want to teach?
    Is the Taser [torturing] of a student acceptable to you?
    Is this the kind of world you have grown to admire?
    Me?   Oh! I only have disgust.
    Comment by Kewe
    Alex Jones:
    They've already shocked him once.   By the time they've shocked him once they get the camera on.
    Thirty seconds more they shock him again...and...and between the last ones it's more like fifteen seconds.
    Did you hear the guy screaming, and then immediately they say stand up, stand up.
    Fifteen seconds later [screaming] and you hear the people around him yell at the cops.
    'He can't get up.   He can't get up.   Look at him.'
    The guy is on the ground flopping around and...and...and...yeh...yeh...ahhhhh...ahhhhh...ahhhhhhhhhh.
    The cops... they're they're...the guy can't get up...
    It's just like some movie with the psychopath going...now it's okay...now I'm going to start cutting you.
    This is what torture is.
    I've seen so many [other videos] where you see the cops up close while they're Tasering and they'll start like setting their jaws, the creamy eye in their look...mmmmmmmm...eeeeehhhhhhhh...baring their teeth.   It's fun...it's fun...oh! look he [she] can't get up...I'll say get up because that will cover me [Taser — person being shocked again] mmmmmmm...mmmmmm... and then he [or she] waits fifteen seconds...I told you get up...just get up...mmmmmm [Taser — person being shocked again]    Ahhh!!   ahhhh!!!    [More screams from the person on the ground]
    And it goes on and on and on and finally — it was no more fun because he [or she] totally passed out.
    But don't worry CIA torture is more scientific.
    They give people adrenaline to wake them back up.
    Just think — all the TV shows promote torture and stuff maybe cops can.....
    For people's own gooddddddddd.
    To maintain order....
    Comment by Kewe:
    But even more disgusting, if that can be, are the UCLA Administrators who okay this barbaric practice.
    And the students and faculty who sit by and let it happen.
    Both the Administrators and Police Administrators should be arrested, tried and imprisoned — and the key thrown away.

    Issue 117

    Top Story
    Accused Palm Island riot ringleader Lex Wotton last night gave a speech at the Errol Wyles Justice Foundation launch in Sydney last night.
    (AAP Image/Dave Hunt)
    Alleged riot leader calls for charges against police officer
    Thursday, 2 November 2006
    By Dave Donaghy
    TOWNSVILLE, November 16, 2006: The accused Palm Island riot ringleader has called for charges to be laid against the police officer responsible for the watchhouse death of an Indigenous man.
    Lex Wotton said the North Queensland Island community needed to see justice brought against Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley, who has been stood down with full pay from his duties on the Gold Coast.
    Acting state coroner Christine Clements found in September this year that Snr Sgt Hurley had landed the fatal blows that killed Mulrunji Doomadgee in 2004.
    Wotton, whose trial on rioting charges begins in Brisbane on March 5, said the Island's reconciliation process could fail if the Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) elects not to press charges against Snr Sgt Hurley.
    "So that when this man is in handcuffs and the DPP lays charges then the community will feel better," Mr Wotton said.
    "The community needs to see a lot of justice. That's not just Palm but all Indigenous communities across Australia."
    Wotton said the drawn-out ordeal had "strengthened" him and the Palm Island community.
    Mulrunji died on November 19, 2004 with an autopsy into his death finding the 36-year-old died from a ruptured liver and portal vein.
    The results triggered riots on Palm Island.
    Since the coroner released her findings, Snr Sgt Hurley has received overwhelming support from the Queensland Police Union, with the organisation's president, Gary Wilkinson, labelling the report a "witch hunt".
    Mr Wotton, who still lives on Palm Island, was in Sydney yesterday to address the launch of the Errol Wyles Justice Foundation.
    The foundation was named after Errol Wyles, a 15-year-old Indigenous youth, who was run over and killed in 2003, shortly after being denied entry to a party in Townsville.
    The 20-year-old white man who was driving the car that struck Errol received a four-year sentence with a minimum non-parole period of 15 months.
    Board member Stewart Levitt, who also represents Wotton, said the foundation was established to pursue justice for Indigenous Australians, particularly for those in north Queensland.
    Mr Levitt said the acting state coroner's findings into Mulrunji's death gave weight to Mr Wotton's defence after the trial was sensationally moved from Townsville to Brisbane.
    Mr Wotton claimed he could not receive a fair trial in the North Queensland centre. - AAP
    For more on the Palm Island riots, please see the related links.
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    Unspeakable grief and horror
                            ...and the continues...
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