Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper said that the prosecution was investigating the scope of the data that Eren Erdem, of the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), revealed to RT international news network in an interview on Monday.
He is reportedly facing charges of treason.
A Turkish criminal case into illegal shipments was unexpectedly closed, according to the lawmaker who spoke of a possible cover-up.
Treason: Turkey Charges Lawmaker for Revealing Daesh's Source of Sarin Gas
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Evidence that Turkey’s Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation, a state-run group of factories that produce chemical weapons for the military, was involved.
Turkish security forces conducted raids and arrested 13 people in the case.
All suspects were later cleared of charges, and the shipment took place immediately.
Daesh Receives Toxic Sarin Gas Ingredients From Turkey – Lawmaker
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“All basic materials are purchased from Europe.   Western institutions should question themselves about these relations.   Western sources know very well who carried out the sarin gas attack in Syria.   They know these people, they know who these people are working with, they know that these people are working for Al-Qaeda.   I think is Westerns are hypocrites about the situation.”
They are not hypocrites they are out and out criminals against humanity.
Western governments are fully in the know!
That is why it has taken so long to do anything about ISIS!
They are a central part of the conspiracy, and that includes those who lead and govern Israel.
And that includes Obama, Cameron and Hollande.
They are criminals.
Sarin materials brought via Turkey & mixed in Syrian ISIS camps — Turkish MP to RT
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Saudi Arabia intelligence chemical weapons use exposed in Syria
Saudi black op team behind Damascus chemical weapons attack - assisted by US black ops in Jordan.
Chemical weapon attack in Eastern Ghouta done by black op team Saudi Arabia sent through Jordan acting with support of criminal Liwa Al-Islam group.
Yahya Ababneh notified me that Saudi embassy contacted him threatening to end his career if he did a follow up story on who carried out chemical weapons attack demanded he stop doing media interviews on the subject
Saudi Prince Bandar delivered Israel chemicals to Syria Terrorists
Sarin used not same as Sarin held by Syria government
US backed terrorists get away with mass killing
UN Commission of Inquiry report on Syria biased and selective
All physical matter, everything we have around us is the result of a frequency.
If the frequency is amplified, the structure of the matter will change.
This self-contained system is a hologram.
Change any one aspect of the hologram, and you change the entire system.
Questions On Whether We Live In a Hologram
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REINCARNATION - Why do people do it!

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This is the last segment of The Higher Self
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Dementia 2015 - left and right hemispheres of Einstein’s brain

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As both a West Point graduate and critic of the American Empire, to me the “support our troops” sentiment has long outworn its propagandized welcome.
At this time we hear that familiar patriotic mantra “support our troops” mindlessly repeated.
It’s Time to Stop “Supporting Our Troops”: Thirty Million People Killed by U.S. Since the End of World War II
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Unspeakable grief and horror
                        ...and the circus of deception continues...
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