This is the country that wants to do nothing but make weapons and create war
The number of Americans that are living in concentrated areas of high poverty has doubled since the year 2000.
An astounding 48.8 percent of all 25-year-old Americans still live at home with their parents.
In 2007, about one out of every eight children in America was on food stamps. Today, that number is one out of every five.
46 million Americans use food banks each year, and lines start forming at some U.S. food banks as early as 6:30 in the morning because people want to get something before the food supplies run out.
Barack Obama promised that his program would result in a decline in health insurance premiums by as much as $2,500 per family, but in reality average family premiums have increased by a total of $4,865 since 2008.
According to Dr. Housing Bubble, there have been “nearly 8 million homes lost to foreclosure since the homeownership rate peaked in 2004?.
Right now, there are approximately 40 million Americans that are paying off student loan debt. For many of them, they will keep making payments on this debt until they are senior citizens.
The Dirty War on Syria: Washington Supports the Islamic State (ISIS)

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US sponsor of terrorism.

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Dr. Steven Greer - Nov. 21, 2015 - How the Secret Government Works

Dr. Steven Greer - Nov. 21, 2015 - How the Secret Government Works
Dr. Steven Greer — November 21, 2015 — How the Secret Government Works from Youtube video converted to audio mp3
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This is among the most surprising, disturbing, and I think as-yet unmapped area of possible institutional corruption in the UK that has yet been uncovered.
As with all subtly embedded webs of social engineering, it’s difficult if not impossible, to reduce it to a series of bullet points.
What follows are are the main ones.
William Sargant (Tavistock and MKULTRA-affiliated) worked at St Thomas’ Hospital from 1948 to the end of his career as head of the department of psychological medicine.
In 1962, Sargant’s assistant was David Owen, who had just qualified as a doctor.
Two years earlier, Owen had joined the Vauxhall branch of the Labor Party and the Fabian Society.
It was thanks to Owen that Jimmy Savile had free access to Broadmoor and all its patients “for a period in the 1980s when he was put in charge of a task force to run the secure hospital.”
So did Savile have a specific role at Broadmoor and if so, what was it?
Was the institution being used as a locale for the sexual and social research and experimentation which has fascinated the Fabians and others (including the psychiatrists involved with MKULTRA) since the turn of the century, and which the Tavistock Institute has been frequently linked to?
Nor are we talking only about Broadmoor.
In 2014, Kate Lampard traced Savile’s predations within the British National Health Service (NHS) to over forty hospitals.
The London School of Economics/National Health/Tavistock Connection
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It’s generally been assumed that the reason Savile wanted (and was given) access to Broadmoor (besides visiting his pals Reggie Kray and Peter Sutcliffe) was to indulge his sadistic sexual proclivities by taking advantage of defenseless young girls (many of whom were simply runaways or troublemakers at school).
Maybe Broadmoor was, like Wedekind’s Sadian castle, a prison-school for “the bodily education of young girls”?   click here
Jimmy Savile Thatcher 1980 same year she appointed him fundraiser for hospital where he abused children.

Jimmy Savile Thatcher 1980
same year she appointed him fundraiser for hospital where he abused children.
Jimmy Saville given free rein to abuse 60 people   click here
No one was ever arrested by police
Embarrassed to admit I had been buggered by Greville Janner but they needed me to include that information in my statement before they could arrest Janner. Whilst the police officers were in my house Detective Inspector Ashby placed by Social Services file on my lap and allowed me to read through it.

Judges saved Lord Janner from child sex inquiry
Fears Labour peers link senior legal figures   click here
In the current US neoliberal system, the winners are the few on the inside and the losers are all of the rest of us.
This is especially true while the taxi industry undergoes a game-changing transformation.
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Unspeakable grief and horror
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