‘Syrians want to go on living in secular, tolerant state’
June 12, 2013
Syrians want to go on living in secular, tolerant state.

Picture: rt.com
The people didn’t see Syria as perfect before the civil war, but it was a secular, tolerant state, which will be lost if Islamist rebels prevail, European MP Nick Griffin, who in Damascus with a fact-finding delegation, told RT.
Two suicide blasts rocked the Syrian capital Damascus this Tuesday, killing at least 14 people and wounding 31 more.
The attacks come after the Syrian army retook the strategic town of Qusair from the rebels last week in what some see as a turning point in the war.
Jitters in Washington over gains by Syria troops
There are now jitters in Washington over the recent gains by Assad troops, which, according to AP, could approve sending weapons to the rebels as early as this week, with a no-fly zone also among the options.
British National Party leader and European MP Nick Griffin has called the involvement in Syria “a criminal action” on the part of the US.
He also warned that by arming the Islamists, the Obama administration will provide arms to the same people, who launched the 9/11 attack on America.
RT:   Damascus has been rocked by blasts today, but you've been describing life there 'normal'.   Why is that?
People who are strict Muslims and others who are secular
Nick Griffin:   Well, ‘normal’ in terms of when you walk around the streets there’s ordinary people, there’s families, there’s people who are strict Muslims and others who are secular.
Getting on with their lives and trying to ignore the bomb blasts which go off occasionally.
I’ve seen the same thing in Northern Ireland.   People get used to this.   Life continues.
Certainly, in Damascus this is a state under attack, it’s not a state in crisis.
British money
RT:   You say you want to highlight the risk of the British government supporting the Syrian opposition.   What are those risks, as you see it?
NG:   Fundamentally, it’s a question of blowback.
You remember what happened in Afghanistan when the West, the CIA, the British state armed AL-Qaeda to fight the Soviet Union.
And then of course, once the Soviet Union was finished the jihadis didn’t go away, they turned their attention elsewhere.
Giant terrorist training camp
And what we’ve got now, they’re managing to turn huge parts — fortunately shrinking parts of presence in Syria — into a giant terrorist training camp.
The majority of people fighting in Syria against the Syrian government are foreign terrorists, tens of thousands of them, including hundreds from the EU, some of them even in Britain.
When the war is over here they’re going to come back to Britain, come back to Western Europe and continue their jihad, but this time we’ll be the targets.
Criminal drive to destroy secular Syria
RT:   Do you expect the US to go ahead with weapons supplies to the opposition, given the army gains we've seen?
NG:   I fear that the US will go ahead with weapon supplies.
There are a number of people a number of organizations and countries involved in this criminal drive to destroy secular Syria.
One of them is the US government, not ordinary American people.
They’re working out a plan which was produced at the start of the century by a group calling itself the Project for New American Century and they wanted to secure energy supplies for the US and also to contain Russia.
That’s what this attack on Syria is the latest of this criminal action by the US.
They’re not the only ones to blame, but they’re a significant part of it.
So I fear they’ll probably want to go ahead and arm these rebels, even though in doing so they’re arming the same people as attacked the US on 9/11.
RT:   You're there with other pan-European politicians.
What's their assessment of Syria right now?   Are they hopeful diplomacy can succeed at this stage?
Syria was secular and tolerant where no one cared if someone was Sunni or Shia or Christian or Israel
NG:   In particular, the most important others are members of the Flemish Belgian parliament.
I think we’re all pretty much in agreement, with what we’ve seen.
We’ve also been able to talk with ordinary Syrians at all sorts of different levels.
Something that comes out from all those people who we speak to is that Syria wasn’t perfect, but it was a secular and tolerant state where no one even cared if someone was Sunni or Shia or Christian or Israel.
They go on with it and that’s the thing, which is going to be destroyed if this carries on.
And everyone I was there with, I think, gets this point and agrees with me and the vast majority of people in Britain, that we shouldn’t be involved in other peoples’ quarrels.
The Syrians have problems to sort out.
Those are problems of a question for Syria to sort out through ballot box, not through foreign terrorists and foreign military intervention.
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As a UN probe was underway into allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria in May, lead investigator Carla Del Ponte said the findings showed that rebels were behind at least one chemical weapons attack.
"This was used on the part of the opposition, the rebels, not by the government authorities," Del Ponte told Swiss TV.
US Israel Turkey attack Jamraya Syria with missile.

Photo reportedly showing the explosions hitting Jamraya a suburb of Damascus Syria on May 3 2013

Photo: internet
US Israel Turkey attack Jamraya with missile
Photo reportedly showing the explosions hitting Jamraya a suburb of Damascus Syria on May 3 2013
Shades of Egypt (in reverse?) within this Syria — Left — Analysis
portland independent media center
The Wishful Thinking Left: Unwitting Agents of the Imperial Order
August 14, 2013
by JEAN BRICMONT, Louvain, Belgium
Once upon a time, in the early 1970?s, many people, including myself, thought that all the 'struggles' of that period were linked: the Cultural Revolution in China, the guerrillas in Latin America, the Prague Spring and the East European 'dissidents', May 68, the civil rights movement, the opposition to the Vietnam war, and the nominally socialist anti-colonial movements in Africa and Asia.
None of these assumptions were correct.
The Cultural Revolution had nothing to do with the anti-authoritarian movements in the West, the Eastern European dissidents were, in general, pro-capitalist and pro-imperialist, and often fanatically so.
The Latin American guerrillas were a pipe dream (except in Central America) and the national liberation movements were just that: they (quite rightly) aimed at national liberation and called themselves socialist or communist only because of the support offered to them by the Soviet Union or China.
In solidarity with the millions of Syrians who have been struggling for dignity
The southern European 'fascist' regimes transformed themselves without offering a serious resistance, let alone an armed struggle.
Many other authoritarian regimes followed suit: in Eastern Europe, in Latin America, in Indonesia, Africa and now in part of the Arab world.
Some collapsed from inside, other crumbled after a few demonstrations.
I was reminded of these youthful illusions when I read a petition 'in solidarity with the millions of Syrians who have been struggling for dignity and freedom since March 2011'.
Whose list of signatories includes a veritable who's who of the Western Left.
The petition claims that:
'The revolution in Syria is a fundamental part of the North African revolutions, yet it is also an extension of the Zapatista revolt in Mexico, the landless movement in Brazil, the European and North American revolts against neoliberal exploitation, and an echo of Iranian, Russian and Chinese movements for freedom'.
The signatories of course demand the immediate departure from power of Bashar al-Assad, which is supposed to be the only 'hope for a free, unified, and independent Syria'.
They also characterize Russia, China and Iran as standing 'in support of the slaughter of people', although they are 'allegedly friends of the Arabs.'
They acknowledge that 'the U.S. and its Gulf allies have intervened in support of the revolutionaries', but blame them for 'having done so with a clear cynical self-interest' and trying to 'crush and subvert the uprising'.
It is not clear how this squares with the next line of the text, which claims that 'regional and world powers have left the Syrian people alone'.
The upshot of the petition consists in grandiose claims of 'solidarity' from 'intellectuals, academics, activists, artists, concerned citizens and social movements', 'with the Syrian people to emphasize the revolutionary dimension of their struggle and to prevent the geopolitical battles and proxy wars taking place in their country'.
Nothing less!
Why there is no Left — left
This petition is worth analyzing in detail, because it nicely summarizes everything that is wrong in today's mainstream leftist thinking and it both illustrates and explains why there is no Left left in the West.
The same sort of thinking dominated the Western Left's thinking during the Kosovo and the Libyan wars, and to some extent during the wars in Afghanistan — solidarity with Afghan women — and Iraq — they will be better off without Saddam.
First of all, the presentation of the facts about Syria is very doubtful.
I am no expert on Syria, but if the people are so united against the regime, how come that it has resisted for so long?
There have been relatively few defections in the army or in the diplomatic and political personnel.
Given that the majority of Syrians are Sunnis and that the regime is constantly depicted as relying on the support of the 'Alawi sect', something must be wanting in that narrative about Syria.
Next, like it or not, the actions of 'Russia, China and Iran' in Syria have been in accordance with international law, unlike those of the 'U.S. and its Gulf allies'.
From the viewpoint of international law, the current government of Syria is legitimate and responding to its request for help is perfectly legal, while arming rebels is not.
Of course, the leftists who sign the petition would probably object to that aspect of international law, because it favors governments over insurgents.
But just imagine the chaos that would be created if every Great Power was arming the rebels of its choice all over the world.
One could deplore the selling of arms to 'dictatorships', but the U.S. is hardly in a position to lecture the world on that topic.
Moreover, it is 'Russia and China' who have, by their vote at the UN prevented another U.S. intervention, like the one in Libya.
Which the Western Left, opposed very lukewarmly, if at all.
In fact, given that U.S. used the U.N. Resolution on Libya to carry out a regime change — that the resolution did not authorize — isn't it natural that Russia and China feel that they were taken for a ride in Libya and say: never again!?
Anti-imperialist governments in Latin America stand squarely against foreign interventions
The petition sees the events in Syria as an 'extension of the Zapatista revolt in Mexico, the landless movement in Brazil, the European and North American revolts against neoliberal exploitation, and an echo of Iranian, Russian and Chinese movements for freedom'.
But they are careful not to link them to the anti-imperialist governments in Latin America, since the latter stand squarely against foreign interventions and for the respect of national sovereignty.
Finally, what should make anybody think that the 'immediate' departure of Bashar al-Assad would lead to a 'free, unified and independent Syria'?
Aren't the examples of Iraq and Libya enough to cast some doubts on such optimistic pronouncements?
That brings us to a second problem with the petition, which is its tendency towards revolutionary romanticism.
The present-day Western Left is the first to denounce the 'Stalinist' regimes of the past, including those of Mao, Kim Il Sung or Pol Pot.
But do they forget that Lenin fought against Tsarism, Stalin against Hitler, Mao against the Kuomintang, Kim Il Sung against the Japanese and that the last two ones, as well as Pol Pot, fought against The U.S.?
If history should have thought us anything, it is that struggling against oppression does not necessarily turn you into a saint.
And given that so many violent revolutions of the past have turned sour, what reason is there to believe that the 'revolution' in Syria, increasingly taken over by religious fanatics, will emerge as a shining example of freedom and democracy?
There have been repeated offers of negotiations by 'Russia, China and Iran', as well as from the 'Assad regime' with the opposition as well as with its sponsors the 'U.S. and its Gulf allies'.
Shouldn't one give peace and diplomacy a chance?
The 'Syrian regime' has modified its constitution; why be so certain that this cannot lead a 'democratic future', while a violent revolution can?
Shouldn't one give reform a chance?
Opposition in Syria want as many sophisticated weapons as possible
However, the main defect of this petition, as well as with similar appeals from the humanitarian interventionist Left in the past, is: to whom are they talking?
The rebels in Syria want as many sophisticated weapons as possible — no signatory of the petition can deliver them — and it is hard to see how the 'global civil society, not ineffective and manipulative governments' can do it.
Those rebels want Western governments to provide them with such weapons — they couldn't care less what the Western Left thinks.
And those Western government hardly know that the wishful thinking Left even exists.
And if they did, why would they listen to people with no serious popular support, and so no means of pressuring governments?
The best proof of that is given by the cause to which so many signatories have devoted a good part of their lives: Palestine.
Which Western government pays any attention to the demands of the 'Palestine solidarity movement'?
Weakens and confuses what is left of antiwar sentiments
Just because the petition has no effect in Syria does not mean that it has no effect tout court.
It weakens and confuses what is left of antiwar sentiments, by stressing that 'our' priority must be empty gestures of solidarity with a rebellion that is already militarily supported by the West.
Once this mindset is acquired, it becomes psychologically difficult to oppose U.S. intervention in the internal affairs of Syria, since intervention is precisely what the revolutionaries that we must 'support' want.
Of course, defenders of the petition will say that they don't 'support' the more violent extremists in Syria, but who exactly are they supporting then, and how?
Moreover, the false impression that the 'world powers have left the Syrian people alone' — while, in fact, there is a constant flood of arms and jihadists into Syria — comes partly from the fact that the U.S. is not foolish enough to risk a World War, given that Russia seems to mean what it says in this affair.
The thought that we might be on the brink of a World War never seems to occur to the petitioners.
Defenders of the petition will probably say that 'we' must denounce both U.S. imperialism and the oppressive regimes against which the 'people' revolt. But that only shows the depth of their delusions: why claim doing two things at once, when one is not capable of doing either, even partly?
A non-interventionist policy is advocated by the libertarians and by the paleoconservative Right
If such petitions are worse than doing nothing, what should the Left do?
First of all, mind its own business, which means struggling at home.
This is a lot harder than expressing a meaningless solidarity with people in faraway lands.
And struggling for what?
Peace through demilitarization of the West, a non-interventionist policy, and putting diplomacy, not military threats, at the center of international relations.
Incidentally, a non-interventionist policy is advocated by the libertarians and by the paleoconservative Right.
This fact, plus invocation of pre-World War II history — the Spanish civil war, the Munich agreements — is constantly used by the Left to give anti-interventionism a bad name.
But this is silly: Hitler is not really being constantly resurrected, and there are no serious military threats faced by the West.
In the present situation, it is a perfectly legitimate concern of American citizens to cut back the costs of Empire.
In fact, it would be perfectly possible to set up a broad Left-Right coalition of people opposed to militarism and interventionism.
Of course, within that coalition, people might still disagree on Gay marriage but, important as this issue may be, it should perhaps not prevent us from working together on issues that might also seem important to some people, such as World peace, the defense of the U.N. and of international law, and the dismantling of the U.S. empire of bases.
Towards more U.S. involvement and interventions
Besides, it is not unlikely that a majority of the American public could be gained to such positions if sustained and well organized campaigns were set up to persuade them.
But of course, the spirit of the petition goes exactly in the opposite direction, towards more U.S. involvement and interventions.
Many signatories certainly think of themselves as anti-imperialists and pro-peace, and some of them have had an important role in opposing previous U.S. wars.
But they do not seem to have noticed that the tactics of imperialism have changed since the days of the national liberation movements.
Now that decolonization is complete — with the exception of Palestine — the U.S. is attacking governments, not revolutionary movements, that are considered to be too independent.
And, in order to do that, they use a variety of means that are similar in their tactics to the revolutionary or progressive movements of the past: armed struggle, civil disobedience, government funded NGO's, colored revolutions, etc.
LGBT community as ideological storm troopers against Snowden
The latest example of these tactics is the attempt by Western governments to use the LGBT community as ideological storm troopers against Russia and the Winter Olympics, in a transparent effort to deflect public attention from the embarrassing fact that, in the Snowden affair, it is Russia and not the U.S. that is on the side of freedom.
It is to be feared that the humanitarian interventionist Left will jump on the bandwagon of this new crusade.
Yet, as Gilad Atzmon has pointed out, with his usual slightly provocative style, it is unlikely that this will do any good to the LGBT community in Russia, since this sort of support allows their opponents to brand them as bearers of foreign influence.
It is not a good idea for any minority, anywhere in the world, to be seen as agents of a foreign power.
And least of all, of a government so hated for its arrogance and its interventionism as the present U.S. administration.
Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq mere peccadillos
And incidentally, the people who call for boycott of the Winter games in Russia had no objection to holding the Olympic games in London, which implies that, in their eyes, taking anti-gay measures is a serious crime, whereas wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are mere peccadillos.
People who succumb to the illusions of revolutionary romanticism or who side with the apparent underdog, regardless of the underdog's agenda, are being taken in by the tactics of present-day imperialism.
Easily see through this camouflage
But those who aspire to a more peaceful and more just world order, and who think that a precondition of this order is the weakening of U.S. imperialism, easily see through this camouflage.
These two different world views divide both the Left and the Right: liberal interventionists and neoconservatives on one side, libertarians, paleoconservatives and traditional leftists on the other, and it may call for new and heterodox alliances.
Attack on Syria — 2016
Trump Expects to End US Aid to Syrian Rebels
This has been an ongoing problem for the US, with the Pentagon seeking to fight ISIS and the CIA and State Department seeking to shift the focus away from ISIS and toward regime change.
Weapons supplied by Obama and US to Al-Nusra rebels
Reem, a slim 13-year-old girl, lost her leg in a shelling while walking home from school several weeks ago.
     Map of Syria       
     One of the boys was torn apart     
      Brought to hospital with intestines hanging out.   
Attack on Syria 2015
State Dept. 'frankly doesn't know' legal authority behind US airstrikes supporting Syrian rebels
Juppé, Erdogan, Daesh and the PKK — Clinton and ethnic cleansing
Turkey participated in the operation of ethnic cleansing agreed by Hillary Clinton — the partition of Iraq and Syria, known as the Wright plan, the creation of a Kurdistan in Iraq and Syria.
U.S. Ethnic cleansing in Syria
Erdogan family within Daesh
Syrian rebels carried out Reyhanli bombings
The Liberation of Adra
Sources in the Syrian Government and the army put the proportion of foreigners amongst the armed gangs at between 70% and 85%, all funded and armed by several Gulf monarchies, in particular close Washington ally Saudi Arabia
And they killed everyone at the Adra Ummalia hospital where my sister works.
She stayed alive only because she didn't turn up for work that day."
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — Charlie Rose Interview (full) — September 9, 2013
U.S. story on Syria chemical weapons
Dozen former U.S. military and intelligence officials telling President Obama they are picking up information that undercuts official U.S. story
In Wake of US-Israeli Attack on Syria, UN Reveals Terrorists Not Government Used Sarin Gas
Man Behind Syrian ‘Chemical Weapons’ Claim Is Fiction Writer Who Ran Benghazi Cover-Up
US-backed Takfiri terrorists in Syria behead Orthodox bishop and assistant
BBC continuing with its anti-Syria propaganda
At least eight grad rockets have fallen on the Lebanese city of Baalbek in the northeast of the country
The Syria crisis began in March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of soldiers and security personnel, have been killed in the violence.
The Syrian government says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the militants are foreign nationals.
In an interview recently broadcast on Turkish television, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that if the militants take power in Syria, they could destabilize the entire Middle East region for decades.
US to begin World War 3 starting in Syria
Free online as e-book — click on image
War on Syria by Tony Cartalucci & Nile Bowie now available free online as e-book

Image: landdestroyer.blogspot.co.uk
George Galloway - Israel terrorist state - one man's terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.  

You are totally wrong in saying that in most people's eyes Hezbollah are terrorists.

In most people's eyes, Israel is a terrorist state.

It's the fact you cannot comprehend, the fact that leads to the bias that runs through all of your reporting and is loaded in every question that you have asked me in this interview - George Galloway speaking to Sky news August 2006

Image: redmolucca.wordpress.com
One man's terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.
You are totally wrong in saying that in most people's eyes Hezbollah are terrorists.
In most people's eyes, Israel is a terrorist state.
It's the fact you cannot comprehend, the fact that leads to the bias that runs through all of your reporting and is loaded in every question that you have asked me in this interview
George Galloway speaking to Sky news August 2006
click here for Bashar al-Assad interview with Argentine newspaper Clarin
Or here for Bashar al-Assad interview with Argentine newspaper Clarin
Saudi Arabia intelligence chemical weapons use exposed in Syria
Saudi black op team behind Damascus chemical weapons attack - assisted by US black ops in Jordan.
Chemical weapon attack in Eastern Ghouta done by black op team Saudi Arabia sent through Jordan acting with support of criminal Liwa Al-Islam group.
Yahya Ababneh notified me that Saudi embassy contacted him threatening to end his career if he did a follow up story on who carried out chemical weapons attack demanded he stop doing media interviews on the subject
Saudi Prince Bandar delivered Israel chemicals to Syria Terrorists
Sarin used not same as Sarin held by Syria government
US backed terrorists get away with mass killing
UN Commission of Inquiry report on Syria biased and selective
Attack on Syria — September 15 - 30 2013
Traditionally the Democrats got more than 2/3rds of their campaign contributions that flow into US Federal elections from Israel and Israel supporters
Support for Israel is the condition for taking that money
The clean-break document proposed regime change in the Middle-Eastern countries essentially overthrowing all of these independent Middle-Eastern countries and imposing Imperial control
These people really do want to create Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates
     How can US policy be against its own interests?       
     Israel gives stolan Golan Heights gas to Robert Murdoch     
      Israel lobby provides two-thirds of Democrat Budget      
Attack on Syria — September 1 - 15 2013
What is the World War 3 project? — Taking back our power and our lives — Get the picture — US UK France attack on Syria
Syria President al-Assad interview with Russia channel Rossiya — September 13, 2013
Obama on television — US fabrications of Syria government chemical attack and 9/11 — Operation Gladio
Dozen former U.S. military and intelligence officials:   CIA perpetrating pre-Iraq-War-type fraud
     Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — Charlie Rose CBS Interview — September 9, 2013       
     What's in it for you?     
      Europe Conspiracy continues      
Iran US confrontation
Russia supports the political and economic rapprochement that once was in progress between Iran, Syria and Turkey
Pro-Iran-Hezbollah Assad government in Syria
United States
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Embassy Belgium
Operational headquarters of riots and death in Syria
Iran Syria Israel US Russia confrontation
Wrestling contest between Iran and US photos
Iran, Syria protected by Russia
Photos of Iran weapons

Image: internet
It just doesn't add up!
The owl can see in the dark
Owl on US one dollar bill.

Image: internet
Unspeakable grief and horror
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